Noodle in India and the varieties

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Noodle is one of the most loved food in Asian countries.From children,school goers to adults,the craze for noodle is never ending.

Noodle is one of the most important traditional staple food in Asia.It is typically made from unleavened wheat dough and are stretched, rolled, and then cut into different shapes. Noodle account for approximately 20%–50% of the total wheat consumed in Asia, and the popularity of noodle has extended to many countries outside of Asia.

Noodle is classified into several types such as-Ramen Noodles,Udon Noodles,Rice Noodles,Soba Noodles,Chow mein Noodles,Vermicelli Noodles and many more.

One of the most used noodle type in India is,vermicelli noodles.Vermicelli noodles are commonly known as semiya or sewaiyan.There are delicious vermicelli recipes are prepared and two of the most popular are sewaiyan kheer, sewaiyan upma.In Indian homes vermicelli is prepared mainly during breakfast or as an evening snacks sautéed in veggies and other seasonings.

Vermicelli noodles/sewaiyan upma

Vermicelli noodles/sewaiyan upma

Vermicelli noodle is generally boiled and cooked with veggies like carrots,capsicum,green peas,curry leaves.Roasted peanuts are also used to add the crunchy and nutty flavor and taste.This quick to make noodle has gained so much popularity over the course of time because of its taste and texture.You can find vermicelli noodle made with rice, wheat flour, with semolina, ragi and many other millets.The traditional vermicelli noodle is made from wheat.

Sewaiya kheer

Sewaiyan kheer

Sewaiya kheer is a classic and exotic Indian dessert made using vermicelli noodle,milk and sugar.Dry fruits, saffron, cardamom powder are added for extra taste and flavor.This classic dessert taste too authentic and a great choice of dessert during festivities.

Across cultures and in different cuisines, you are bound to find some variation of noodle or the other.Over the course of time the types and the varieties have changed but the craze for noodle is neverending.When talking about the popularity of noodles we can’t miss on Maggie noodle famous in India and in countries bangladesh,Singapore,Malaysia, South Africa and other.One of the most loved noodle among every age group.The most amazing and appreciated thing about Maggie noodle is, the cooking time.As it takes least efforts and time to make this noodle and hence it is one of the most preferred when in hurry and the time is less.Because of its taste it is one of the favorite snacks time dish for children.You can improvise the taste of Maggie noodle by adding some fresh veggies like capsicum,carrots,greens peas or onions.

The popularity of noodles has led it to the streets of India. Varieties of noodles are being prepared and the varieties are changing with time.Apart from plain noodle there are also other varieties like cheese noodle,veg noodle,egg noodle and many more.

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