How to make papaya curry/papita ki sabji recipe

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This is the most healthy version of papaya curry sautéed in oil, garlic flakes and parsley leaves.

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Welcome back again to the kitchen of delicious home-cooked meals and recipes with a touch of authentic flavors..Today’s recipe is simpler and different than the other recipes I have wrote till now.How many of you cook raw papaya??This is one of the most healthy fruit curry made with simplest spices without any powdered spices added..The good thing about this curry is it tastes really different than the other ones..As it is made out if a fruit which is known as papaya,The curry taste naturally sweet and doesn’t really need too many spices to make it tasty.

Papaya is full of vitamins and minerals and also a good source of antioxidants..This fruit is known to be one of the most healthy.This recipe is one of the most cooked in my home during the season of papaya and we all love the taste..There are a varieties of dishes being prepared using raw papaya in which papaya halwa is one of the most authentic and delicious can also call it as papaya pudding.The best thing about this recipe is, there is no powdered spices added and all the spices added are natural and raw..the garlic flakes makes it very flavorful..To enhance the taste more I have added 1/2 cup of split chickpea lentils/chana daal..If you don’t have it available in your kitchen, you can skip it..

You can have it with you favorite food as well as a bowl solely, its all healthy..If you have never thought of cooking raw papaya as a curry than don’t forget to try this recipe and share with your family and friends..As the process to make papaya curry is really simple ,it doesn’t need too much effort to make this simple, healthy and deliciois food..So let’s start cooking it.

Make sure to soak chickpeas lentils 15 minutes before cooking the curry if you are using it.


2 to 3 cups chopped papaya(make sure tge papaya is not rippen)

1/2 cup chickpeas lentils

1 teaspoon grated ginger

1 table spoon garlic flakes

1 teaspoon mustard seeds

1/2 cup chopped dhania patta /parsley leaves

1 table spoon mustard oil

salt according to your taste

So these are the only ingredients needed to make papaya curry..As it is a fruit curry, the more simple we cook , the most delicious it it has has its own sweetness there.


wash off the soaked chickpeas lentils and papaya well..

Chopped papaya ready to be boiled
Soaked chickpeas to be boiled with raw papaya

Now put both papaya and chickpeas lentils in a pressure cooker for boiling..add 1 and 1/2 cup water and put it to boil until it whistles for 2 to 3 times..make sure to not boil more than that..

Both chickpeas lentils and papaya in a pressure cooker

After boiling it..wait until the whistle settles..If you find any access water, remove it..Now put a pan on the gas..add oil..let the oil be hot..then put the mustard soon as it starts to pop, add the garlic flakes, ginger and coriander leaves..mix all the ingredients well using a spatula..cook in medium flame for just 30 seconds and then add the boiled chickpeas lentils and papaya into it..add salt and mix gently..cook for 2 to 3 minutes for a all the flavors to come out well..and now it is ready to be served..It is a bowl full of health, flavor and taste and also super simple to try.

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