How to make paneer in a simple way/10 minutes paneer recipe

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Out of all the vegan dishes, paneer is known to be one of the highly demanding for all the vegan food lovers..Well it tastes that delicious too..Paneer, that is made by curdling whole cow milk and then making it tighter in texture by squeezing all the water away…Paneer has gained its popularity among the vegan dishes over the course of time and I would say how to make paneer the right way is one of the most searched terms for people like me who love paneer..

There are a lot to make with paneer and the mostly consumed are those in curry style, like the paneer butter masala,kadhai paneer,palak paneer,chilli paneer, paneer lababdar and many more other dishes are being prepared..😋😋and those tastes delicious too..Out of all the gravy recipes, today I have brought a light and dry zeera paneer recipe and the good part about this recipe is, it is made using very minimum ingredients.

Whenever we think of paneer, spicey and delicious dishes come yo our mind, If there is paneer available in your refrigerator and you are thinking of making something simpler anf healthier out of the regular paneer recipes , then don’t forget to try this simple and tasty zeera fried paneer..It is a quick 10 minutes recipe sautéed in long chopped onions and mustard let’s start making it.


250 g.m paneer

1 aand 1/2 cup of chopped onions

1 table spoon zeera/cumin seeds

1/3 teaspoon turmeric

1 teaspoon salt/according to your taste

3 table spoon mustard oil


Start by cutting the paneer into small cubes..Though the picture doesn’t represent the exact cubes because I mashed it once or twice to make it taste more cheesier..Firstly put a pan on the gas. Let it be completely dry and then add the mustard oil..You can also use your regular cooking oil but I like to add mustard oil in my curries to give it a warm flavor and color..heat the oil well to get rid of any access flavor of mustard..Then add the cumin seeds, let the seeds be golden..after that put the chopped onions and mix well..Now add the turmeric powder.mix well again..

Then cook this mixture in medium flame until the onions turns golden brown from the soon as the onions are done, add the paneer cubes into it..put salt…mix all the ingredients well..Then keep flipping in high flame for 3 to 4 minutes time to time until the paneer turns light golden from the edges..The mild roast gives it a very authentic taste..Now remove it to a bowl and have it with your favorite food..also you can have this bowl of paneer as a source of protein in your diet because we all know paneer is rich in protein..Soo enjoy.👍👍

A delicious plate of zeera fried paneer.

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