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How to make Papad paratha/crispy stuffed tortilla recipe

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This is one of the most yummy and delicious stuffed tortilla or papad paratha recipe.

Hello world!!

Welcome back to the hub of delicious food recipes..Today I have brought a very delicious stuffed paratha/tortilla recipe which can be made with outmost ease, if you are bored of the regular simple tortilla then don’t forget to scroll

The first thing I want to let you know is about the delicious stuffing that is made with papad which are delicious Indian crackers/flat bread made by using different lentils and and in different flavors..It is mostly ate by roasting, by flipping in medium flame for a very crisp texture and also it can be deep fried.




These are rosted papad /Indian crackers

When it comes to tortilla, it is one of the most basic and regular food item that we eat .But sometimes for the shake of change ,a quick stuffing can make it more delicious and super tasty..I think this recipe is one of the most easy to make stuffed tortilla..If you love to try delicious Indian food then do try this yum..let’s start making this yummy papad tortilla by listing the simple ingredients..

The quantity of papad/crackers to make the stuffing is one papad stuffed in one tortilla ball..Don’t waste food, make as per your requirements..




Regular wheat flour tortilla dough

Crackers /mung daal papad according to your own quantity..I have used 4 for 4 tortilla.

2 table spoon oil to mix in stuffing

Oil for roasting the tortilla/paratha

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 pinches of red chilli powder(optional)

So these are the only ingredients we need to make this yum..Papad or crackers are already spicy in taste, so we don’t really need to use extra spices , just a little bit of salt goes well..Oil is used to make the stuffing stick well inside the tortilla because the crackers are already dry in texture.

Now take a bowl..add the rosted papad/crackers by rough grinding using a tortilla roller to make it granular in texture..

Add the salt and oil into it and mix well…Now put a flat pan on the gas to preheat in medium flame..Take a regular size of tortilla ball..roll it a bit to fill it with stuffing..now put the cracker mixture in the middle of it..fold it by bringing the edges to top.

I have put 1 and 1/2 table spoon of papad/cracker mixture.
I have fold it nicely by folding the edges

Now roll it gently by patting in the middle into a normal size of tortilla.

The stuffed ball is well rolled now..

Now put it on the preheated tortilla pan by greasing the pan a bit with oil to let it not stick it..then roast each side by spreading atleast 1 table spon oil or a little bit more if needed until it turns golden dotten brown from each side.

Now this delicious crispy papad paratha or crackers tortilla is fully ready.It tastes absolutely delicious with curd, but also you can have it solely or with your favorite chutney or sauce.

Stay tuned for more delicious recipes✌

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