More to know about ginger/usage and benefits

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Ginger is one of the most used spice in Asian countries.This spice is not only packed with healthy properties but also gives foods and dishes the ultimate flavor and taste.Ginger is a multipurpose spices and can be added into foods and drinks.Because of its high medical properties, it is widely used in India as well s in other countries.It is one of the most well known spices since centuries for flavoring and as a medical plant.Because of its healing and medicinal values, it is being used in different products.

Ginger is a flowering plant whose rhizome or root is used as spice and medicine.Ginger is in the family zingiberacea.spices like turmeric (curcuma longa) and cardamom are also included in this family. Countries like India,China and Japan have been using this spice in traditional medicine and as a dietary supplement for centuries.


Ginger is one of the mostly available spices in Indian homes.Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties it is used as a spices as well as a herbal medicine.Researches suggest that ginger has excellent digestive properties and so is great for gut health and digestion.Growing up in indian home,our nani and dadi(grandmother) has some excellent recipes to include.Such as ginger kadha,ginger honey juice,ginger tea and more.It fights with cold and flu.The ginger honey juice is very beneficial for throat infection and irritation.The antibacterial properties in ginger is believed to be great for the gum health keeping it away from bacterias and infection.Over the period of time the uses of ginger gas been increased and can be found in powdered form also.


Apart from being one of the most important spices in foods and dishes, there are so many usages of ginger.The well known medicinal properties of ginger to treat stomach issues has been a part of Indian homes since years.The gravy based curries are incomplete without adding ginger into it.Adding ginger into food not only gives it a spicey flavor but also it is way to reap the benefits though food.Because of its spicey flavor it is generally consumed with honey or black salt.It is also dried and packed in powdered form for long term use.During cold weather ginger juice relieves sour throat.Because of its flavor benefits, it is used in candy’s and and syrup.The distinctive taste of ginger has been used in tea since years.It is widely known as adrak chai/tea in India.In the regular black tea or milk tea a piece of ginger is crushed to flavor the tea and the taste of the tea enhances instantly.

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