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Gud chawal recipe/Rice cake recipe/ how to make meetha chawal

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This is a very special rice cake made with leftover rice without any butter or oil.

Hello everyone

When it comes to food we all swear by not wasting it as much as possible.So, today I have brought a very nice rice cake recipe which is made using leftover rice and there is no butter or oil added to it..Its a very simple recipe to make, and the taste is really yummy.. Its made using rice , jaggery and grated coconuts..thats all. This rice cake is moist in texture..

Its a great way to not waste rice and also having a nice dessert on your plate..In my family we make this at times and also purposefully cooking extra rice to make this delicacy.

Not only by using the leftover rice, this is also a proper food item being cooked in different parts as meetha chawal/sweet jaggery rice..The best part of this recipe is no oil or butter..So anyday you wish to have some some dessert then do try this yum..let’s start making this rice cake by listing the ingredients first.






2 cups cooked rice

3/4 cup grated jaggery

1/2 cup grated coconut

I have not added any other flavors into it because, it has a very raw and delicious taste on its own.

Tip:-you can add raisins in it if you wish to.


To make this delicious rice cake, simply take a pressure cooker, add rice into it. Then add the grated coconut and jaggery..mix well using a spoon..now add just 1/2 cup of water..put it on high flame by closing the lid and let it whistle 2 to 3 times because the rice is already cooked, so we don’t need to cook it more..let it cool down..Then check the consistency of rice..if it seems a little watery, put it in low to medium flame..don’t close the lid, just let the water content dry out completely..Now mix it well and put it into a container to make a cake, press while putting the rice inside the container, so that the rice sticks with each other well..put it inside fridge for 1 hour..then remove the cake by flipping the container upside down on plate..cut into pieces and garnish with some more grated coconuts..this is yummy.. 👌

Jaggery rice cake garnished with some grated coconut

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