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How to make mudhi/masala mudhi recipe/ how to fry murmura

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Mudhi/Puffed rice fried with some curry leaves and peanuts.

Mudhi/ puffed rice is one of the most famous and crispy Indian snack..It is being sold in many street corners as aloo mudhi or masala mudhi in India.

Hello guys! Another recipe here straight from my kitchen..How many of you know about puffed rice?? fondly known as mudhi in India..It is one of crispiest snack made using rice and puffing it without any oil or butter in iron pan by heating sand in highest temperature and then putting the paddy into it and then letting it to puff..

It is one of the most traditional snack in many parts of the country and over the course of time it came to limelight as a street food item by mixing it with spices, chutneys and many other ingredients..

In my family it is one of the always available snack..though we all love masala mudhi or aloo mudhi, will soon post the recipe of those but today I have brought the most amazing puffed rice recipe/mudhi recipe for you all..It is one of my go to snack in the evening, as we all love something light that time and it is my favorite in that way..Evening snack is something we are fond of, like something different everyday, so somedays simpler ones tastes the best.

The question comes to mind is, as it is already puffed or roasted then whats the need to fry it more? Because the taste and texture is simple of normal puffed rice, you can definitely have it without frying but if you need some extra delicacy on your bowl then a little spice and crunch is always a pro. You can also have puffed rice by mixing it with your favorite curry and then have it.People also like to have it with milk by mixing some sugar..




I clicked this picture while I was preparing it directly from the pan.


So let’s start frying this amazing snack in my way.

2 bowls plain puffed rice/mudhi

1/2 cup peanuts

5 finely chopped green chilli

2 table spoon small chopped curry leaves

1/2 cup flattened rice/poha

1 tea spoon salt

1/2 tea spoon black pepper powder

3 table spoon butter/oil

1/2 cup bhujia/sev

Bhujia is an Indian snack made using gramflour and spices, crispy and delicious in taste which is often mixed with other food items and also grabbed all alone..Famous enough and yummy.


To make this delicious fried murmura or puffed rice..simply take a oval pan/kadhai..Put it on medium flame..let it be dry completely to avoid oil or butter from sprinkling. Now add the oil, let it be just warm then add the peanuts..make sure the flame is in medium..roast it by closing a lid for 1 minutes until it stops to pop and turns brown..then add the chopped chilli and curry leaves..let the chilli be deep fried…Then add the flattened rice/poha..keep stirring continuously until the poha starts to look really puffed up and crispy..then add the puffed rice into it..spinkle the black pepper powder and salt..mix well.cook in low flame for 2 to 3 minutes and then add some bhujia or sev..If you don’t have it, thats completely ok..

Let it cool down a bit to let the crisp come out perfectly..Store in a airtight plastic jar and enjoy for 4 to 5 days easily anytime of the day.

This is as tasty as it looks.


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