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How to make Bajra suhali /pearl millet cookies recipe

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This bajara cookies is making process is soo simple yet delicious.

Hello people!!

Welcome to the garden of food, spices, flavors and dessert and many more..We all are fan of different desserts and of course we all are curious to know the recipes..So today I have brought one of the most delicious cookie recipe that is bajra/pearl millet cookie..This is as delicious as it looks.

Delicious bajra suhali/pearl millet cookie

Pearl millet/Bajra is a widely produced grain India and africa and also consumed in so many other ways..

This easy to make cookie has its own flavor and tastes really good..As this is a very simple recipe, it is also limited to the ingredients list..Bajra is a traditionally used grain in Rajasthan and many more parts of the country.Varieties of dishes are being prepared using this grain.Though I have not explored all of them but surely this bajra suhali/cookie is definitely my favorite..My mom makes this so perfectly..So I have learned it from her..If you also love to explore different varieties of food and delicacy, do try this amazing recipe..

The texture of this cookie is, crispy from outside and soft inside..The taste is more delicious when hot..children love this cookie/suhali for its crunchy and easy to bite texture..So why not making this simple cookie..let’s go through the process..




2 cups bajra/pearl millet flour

1 cup sugar

5 table spoon oil

1 pinch salt

Oil to deep fry

Can you believe, these are the minimum ingredients needed for this delicious recipe..we don’t really need to put any artificial flavor into it because it has its own flavor and taste.


Take a dough making container..add pearl millet flour, two pinches salt, sugar and oil…now dry mix all the ingredients using your hands..now take 1 cup water and add small quantities and knead at the same time into a tight dough..Tip:- Make sure its not necessary to use the whole water. Knead well for 2 minutes..Now make 2 inches balls out of all the dough..press it lightly into cookie shapes and then press a knife or the backside of the spoon lightly to make the square design..This way makes the cookie look good as well as it gets fried nicely from inside..




Bajra dough/ pearl millet dough
Cookies in making

Now put a pan on the gas..add oil.let the oil be warm..then add the cookies one by one..deep fry in medium flame until it takes an even golden color..deep fry all the cookie and take a bite of this super delicious dessert..

Deep frying cookies

So the pearl millet cookies are ready to be grabbed hot and its amazing..do try this simple recipe and share with your friends..Stay tuned for more amazing tastes and tips.

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