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Parval varma recipe

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Stuffed parval or pointed gourd with spices

Hello hii namaste🙏all

Today I have come with a very nice recipe made with pointed gourd or Parvals..In many parts it is called as potal too..It is a veggies largely produced during the rains..Many dishes are made using pointed gourd/parvals including dessert.

We make parval varma in our home during the season of rain at times and it tastes really good when cooked the right way.If you like to explore different varieties of home-cooked delicious foods, then keep reading the details to make this delicious food .

Ready to be peeled off.

So, before making parval Varma, let’s start by listing the ingredients which not too long in list..just simple day to day spices easily available in the kitchen..


12 to 15 parvals/pointed gourd

3 table spoon coriander powder

1/2 tea spoon turmeric/haldi powder

1 tea spoon full chilli powder

5 table spoon oil

1 and 1/2 tea spoon salt or according to your taste


Before starting the whole cooking process..wash off the parvals well..then peel off the hard skin using a peeler..make sure to peel a very thin layer..bow give a cut in between each parval to stuff it with spices..also give some scratches using a knife inside to let the spices absorb well..

Now let’s make the spices mixture..take a bowl..add coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and 1 table spoon oil..mix well using your hands or a spoon to make it a moist alike texture..now fill all the parvals by putting a little amount of spice mixture each of the parvals..now press each one of them to close the cut..put all the left over spice small over the parval if there is any.

Now put a pan on the gas..add oil..let it be hot..add mustard seeds.as soon as it starts to pop..add the parvals one by one..mix well using a spatula..cook in medium flame for atleast 3 minutes to let the spices cooked up well..then lower the flame, close the lid and let it be cooked well..when it turns out soft..switch of the gas and have it with your favorite meal..yummy!!!

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