How to make apple cake/apple cake recipe

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We all are fan of cakes and desserts and when it comes to cakes there are so many flavors in the row.Which one do you like?

Hello everyone..Welcome back to the hub of delicious veg food and amazing flavors..Today I have come with a very amazing recipe, that is apple cake.I had never really tried on this one before, of how it will taste but, it turned out soo amazing..I added apple puree for an absolute taste of apple.

I combined the raw apple puree with a few drops of vanilla essence and the taste came out perfect.the texture of this cake is spongy and moist..M sure you will love the taste..I made this cake using pressure cooker and if you have never tried baking in pressure cooker before , do try cause it comes out really amazing..You just need a little practice to adjust the flame perfectly..if you are not sure about baking in pressure cooker..bake in oven👍 I was not really sure about how it will come out as I have always had apple flavored cakes from outside and I gave it a try and if you have ever wondered how to make apple cake then go through this delicious cake recipe..Let’s start by listing the ingredients first.


1 cup all purpose flour (maida)

3/4 cup apple puree-I used two medium sized apples

3/4 cup milkmaid- This was a pro guys, It made the taste far amazing

1/2 cup oil

1 flat table spoon baking powder

1/5 teaspoon baking soda

6 to 7 drops vanilla essence

1/2 cup tutti fruity


Before going through the process of baking the cake,preheat wheater its pressure cooker or oven..I preheated pressure cooker in low to medium flame for around 10 minutes by putting a lid inside it to avoid direct heat on my cake…let’s prepare the batter..firstly make a fresh apple puree by cutting apple into very small pieces and then grind it by adding 3 to 4 table spoon of milk for easy grinding..make sure to peel the skin off..take a container..add dry ingredients first like flour, baking soda nad baking powder..dry mix using a hand blender..Now add the puree, milkmaid,oil,tutti-fruity and vanilla essence..Mix well clock wise using the blender for 3 minutes.

Now grease your mold using a little bit of oil..pour the batter..put inside the pressure cooker and on top of the lid..close the cooker with a still plate to cover the opening fully..let it be baked in low flame for around 20 minutes..check afterwards using a toothpick or the back of the spoon to know if the cake is well baked..If it comes out sticky , cook for another 3 to 4 minutes..and the cake is ready.

The cake has been baked perfectly.

Now let it cool down for an easy removal..cut into pieces and enjoy the 😋 yum.

The cake has been removed well from the container.

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