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How to make aloo gobi stir fry/gobi recipe/fried cauliflower

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This is delicious aloo gobi stir fry is a simple and delicious dry curry recipe.Easy to make and delicious in taste.

As winter making its way, the variety in vegetables also making way through..Cauliflower/foolgobi is one of the most delicious vegetable..I call it delicious because I find the taste of cauli flower really unique in taste and the most organic cauliflowers are produced in the winter types in my areas..In my family we are a huge fan of this vegetable..The off season cauliflower does not really tastes good but the seasonal ones are the best in taste as well as healthy.

Here in my place during the season of cauliflower its a huge opportunity for many vegetable vendors and producers to earn a good income through this veggie.The farms of this veggie are sorounded with the leaves of this vegetable and flower in the middle.

Varieties of dishes are being prepared with this vegetable starting from Gobi pakora,Gobi masala to Gobi Manchurian and the dishes are really delicious.But the most simple and common out of all is aloo Gobi.The combination of potatoes and cauliflower is perfect.In my kitchen either we cook cauliflower solely or with potatoes and also we add some of it in mix vegetable.

So basically this is a multipurpose vegitable.We all cook Gobi/cauliflower in our own way and I would like to know about the other recipes too.We make it in a very simple manner by sautéing it in some masala/spices and oil, and the taste comes out really wellSo let’s start making the super simple aloo Gobi stir fry .It is a very few Ingridients veggie , so the process is also simple so let’s start cooking by listing the ingredients first.





1 cauliflower small chopped

2 potatoes small chopped

1 tea spoon chilli powder

1/2 tea spoon turmeric powder

1 table spoon coriander powder

1 tea spoon cumin seeds

4 table spoon oil

Salt to taste

Note:-I have used mustard oil to make this curry because it gives an authentic flavor to the dish..you can use your own cooking oil too.





Take a pan..put it on high flame..add oil..let the oil be hot..TIP:-Always remember to cook the mustard oil first to avoid the sharp taste it carries just by letting it be hot until the bubbles formed dissappears..Now add the mustard seeds, let it pop..then add the chopped potatoes and cauliflower..make sure you have washed it off well😃mix well using a spatula..always use a spatula while cooking dry veggies to avoid mashing it up..then add the salt and turmeric.. cook in high flame by flipping it time to time for atleast 3 to 4 minutes and you will see the edges of cauliflower and potatoes becoming golden..then add the chilli powder and coriender powder.mix well..close a lid and lower the flame..as it is a dry curry, make sure to flip in time to time to avoid burning it..cook until the potatoes and cauliflower become soft in texture.

The veggie is ready to be rolled in your tortilla and roti.

Do try on this delicious Indian cuisine and make sure to share this cauliflower and potato recipe.

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