How to make tea/Indian tea recipe

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This is the most authentic,simple and perfect Indian tea recipe.

TEA!!The most amezing and energizing beverage since the traditional times.You must be having an opinion about tea as the most simple thing to make but it is not, the taste ,the texture and the flavor , everything matters..Today I have brought the recipe that I personally like..The most authentic Indian tea.

Hello everyone 👋 here is the most simple yet authentic Indian tea recipe..So when it comes to tea , everyone has their own way of making it and also these days there are varieties of teas are in demand, like the Masala tea, chocolate tea and many more..But the one I like , which tastes really good and amazing is the traditional milk tea with some flavor of cardamom or ginger..Though when it comes to tea, it sounds really simple and not so complicated but also it is one of the most amazing beverage and it is said that not everyone can make this perfectly.I was lacking in how to make a good tea even after adding the same ingredients..but I think eventually I knew to make a good tea that taste good. In India half of the streets are packed with tea stalls and each of them serves their own taste and flavor..

If you are having a tea worth Rs 20/- at 4 different stalls, I m sure all of them will give you 4 different taste even after adding the same milk, sugar and tealeaves. In Indian families even the guests don’t appreciate the food that much, the much they appreciate the tea..I think it has a very significant role.😃 As soon as the morning starts, till the evening, 2 or 3 cups sounds good in Indian homes that are fond of tea..back to the point, the way tea making sounds easy enough but a great taste in tea comes only after knowing the right proportion of tea leaves, milk and sugar..Everyone has their own taste , so you can definitely adjust the ratio..

In India, tea is known to be one the most widely consumed beverage..because of its growing popularity, it is becoming one of the most significant business around the street lanes as well as in cafes and restaurants.So let’s make the Indian tea .





Serving-2 cups


2 cups boiled cow milk

2 tea spoon tea leaves

2 teaspoon sugar

1/4 tea spoon cardamom powder

1/2 cup water

Note:-You can replace cardamom with 1 tea spoon of grated ginger ,if you love the flavor of ginger , the process would be exactly same.Both taste different and amazing in taste.




Put a sauce pan on the gas..set the flame to medium..now add the milk, tea leaves and sugar..let it come to boil in high flame..

As soon as the tea starts to boil add the flavor you wish to have , ginger or cardamom powder..now stir the tea well using a oval spoon..I learned this technique from the street tea stalls because using a spoon to stir tea let’s the flavor to come out really well.

Boil for 4 to 5 minutes in low to medium falme and then stain it using a stainer..and the most authentic tea is ready..simple hai authentic bhi aur tasty bhi👍👍

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