How to make Mirchi aachar /instant mirchi achaar/instant chilli pickle recipe

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Delicious green chilli pickle made instantly using spices and oil.

Hello world!

M back with another simple recipe which is one my favorite instant recipe because I have learnt this from my mom..Its a pickle recipe made easily without too much efforts yet amazing in taste. Anytime you feel to have some chilli pickle, you can try on this one because it is as good as it looks in taste.

We all love pickles, Its always a bonus to our food to add some pickle in our food..The taste of the food spices up instantly..I love chilli pickles with roti/tortilla/Flatbread..In the traditional times people used to preserve achaar/pickles to elevate taste in food, also used it when veggies were not available.Even now, My mom makes mango pickle during the summer season to preserve it for atleast one year use..and that’s how pickles have made its place higher in food rankings because of the spices, tastes and varieties..




Today’s recipe of chilli pickle is simple and awesome in taste.. You can preserve it in airtight bottle for 3 days straight..So, anyway you feel to spice up your food, do try this instant chilli pickle recipe and grab a small bite with your roti or tortilla or the way you wish to.

So let’s prepare the ingredients first which is easily available in the kitchen.


20 fresh green chilly

2 table spoon coriander powder

1 tea spoon chilli powder

1/2 tea spoon turmeric powder

1 tea spoon salt

1 tea spoon amchoor/lemon juice

3 table spoon oil

So, these are the simple ingredients to make this spicy recipe/mirchi ka achaar.

Chilli pickle


Firstly mop all the chillies using a dry cotton cloth to avoid any sort of water.. Tip:-any type of pickle gets rotten easily before time if it comes in contact with water.. So make sure to use a wooden spoon to serve pickles..Also make sure your hands are dry.Now give one scratch in each chilli one by one to let it absorb the spices well.

Take a ovel pan/kadhai..add oil..let it be just warm..now add the coriander powder, Chilli powder and turmeric powder into it..mix gently in low flame only, to avoid burning the spices..mix for 1 minute to let the spices roast well.then add the chillies into it..mix well again..keep frying it for 1 minute more..switch off the gas and add the amchoor powder-Tip-you can avoid amchoor or lemon juice if you don’t like your pickle a little sour..mix well and its full ready. The yummy mirchi achaar.

Try on this yumm and share with your friends and family👍👍



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