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How to make moti mirch ka achaar/sweet pepper pickle recipe

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The most delicious and amazing sweet chilli pickle recipe is here.

Hello world!!welcome back to the delicious food hub..The regular food, dishes, flavor and taste has its own authenticity that we should never miss out on..As we all know pickles are one of the highly preserved food items..The recipe i have brought today is all about the most authentic sweet chilli pickle and in my family during the season of winter, chilli pickle is a must.

The recipe I have brought today is simple enough to make and doesn’t really need too much effort..there are only some simple tips and tricks to keep in mind to make the right pickle and to keep it safe from getting rotten..




Pickles are meant to make our food more tastier..Starting from mango pickle to mix veg pickle to the chilli pickle, there are a variety of pickles are being prepared..It is one of the most famous dish all around the world..In the traditional times pickles are preserved by making in huge quantity to enhance the taste of food throughout the year.Have you ever tried sweet chilli pickle which is called as sweet because it is not spicy while chewing naturally but still carries its own taste and flavor..chilli pickles can be combined with tortilla/roti or anything you like to combine pickle with..yumm! it tastes really delicious..The good thing about this recipe is you can preserve it in an airtight jar for atleast 2 months if followed by the correct procedure..

NOTE-Any kind of pickle gets rotten easily if it comes in contact with water , So make sure to be very careful while making pickles with clean and dry hands and also using dry utensils for the desired results.Also use a dry spoon to serve the pickles.

Let’s start making this yummy sweet chilli pickle by listing the ingredients first.


500 g.ms sweet chillies

150 g.m yellow mustard

100 g.m salt

25 g.m fennel seeds/ saunf

25 g.m fenugreek seeds

1 and 1/2 tea cup lemon juice/around 10 lemons

4 table spoon mustard oil for a flavor of mustard and a beautiful shine to the pickle

NOTE-Mustard oil is not used directly because it has a very strong flavor..So before putting mustard oil into the pickle make sure to heat the oil in high flame until the bubbles formed are completely gone and a bit of smog comes out..then let it be cool down completely to pour it on the pickle.

Method to make sweet chilli pickle-

Firstly take a cotton cloth to mop all the green sweet chillies nicely to avoid any contact with water..Then give scratches in the middle to fill each of it with the mixture of all the ingredients..Make sure to remove the tail of the chillies..

I have given cuts in each chilli to fill it with the mixture of ingredients.

Now let’s prepare the mixture..Take the mentioned quantity of yellow mustard and make it semi powdered by grinding it.Now in the same jar add the fennel seeds and just grind it once or twice to make it coarse in texture..Now take a clean dry bowl…add the semi powdered yellow mustard,coarsed fennel and fenugreek seeds and salt..then add atleast 4 to 5 table spoon of lemon juice from the mentioned quantity to make the mixture moist in texture, so that it sticks nicely inside the chillies..

Mixture of yellow mustard,salt, fennel and fenugreek seeds..

now fill each chillies with some amount of the mixture prepared..make sure to not stuff the Chillies fully, a little bit less will be perfectly good..stuff all the chillies the same way..Now cut them into small pieces using a scissor and pour the remaining lemon juice and mustard oil into it..mix well using a dry spatula..Pour the mixture of spices on top of the chillies if there is any quantity left.Now the fresh chilli pickle is fully ready..pour it into an airtight jar ..let it be soaked up the flavors for 1 day and grab it with your favorite food you like to add pickle with.

Packed with yum..the delicious mota mirch achaar or the sweet chilli pickle is ready.

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