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How to make parsley chutney/dhania patta chutney recipe

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Delicious and the most flavourful alrounder parsley chutney fondly called as Dhani patta chutney all over India.

Hello world!

Welcome again to a little messy but the most delicious hub of food, tips and tricks..writing about curries and many other dishes ,but today I have brought the most delicious and famous chutney all over India, the vary authentic parsley chutney which is called as Dhania patta ki chutney.As we all know parsley or Dhania patta is a very traditionally used and very flavorful leaves used to garnish food items and curries..One of the most authentic dish out of it to never miss is, the parsley chutney which is the most famous dip for sandwiches, and for other snack items..It tastes as amazing as it looks..In Indian street food corners this chutney is served with most street food items as a dip..whether its sandwiches,pakora,dhokla and many more.

The recipe to make parsley chutney is soo simple. You can make it anytime of the day using fresh parsley leaves and some other spices..It is also called as green chutney because of its natural beautiful green color..Traditionally parsley leaves are used in many other ways , also it is known as one of the healthiest leafy greens loaded in vitamins that are good for bone health..So coming back to the delicious chutney recipe,it is a minimum ingredient recipe , which is very easily available in the kitchen.




So let’s start making this yum quick..


2 bunches parsley

6 garlic

2 green chilli

1 tea spoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon lemon juice(optional)

1 small chopped tomato

The method to make parsley chutney is super simple..Simply take a mixer grinder jar.. and before that make sure to chop parsley leaves by washing it off..As paisley leaves has a very less amount of water naturally , so to give it a more saucey texture ,one small tomato is great..it absolutely blends with parsley leaves giving it the desired chutney texture and taste..Now put the chopped parsley leaves, small chopped tomato, garlic,green chilli, salt and sugar..grind it well until it becomes saucy and smooth in texture..add lemon juice in the end if you wish to..mix well.



Now you can taste it a bit to adjust salt if necessary..This is the most basic and delicious green chutney widely famous across India.Also parsley leaves are combined with mint leaves to make a chutney too..Parsley leaves are also added in so many other variety of chutney to give them a mild flavor as well as color..will soon be coming with other varieties of chutneys.

Do try this yumm at your home and make sure to share this quick delicacy with your friends and family..✌

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