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Crunchy peanut butter sandwich

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This is a one of the most delicious 7 minutes dessert recipe

Hello people👋

Welcome again with another yum yum!!Its a dessert recipe today.The quickest one..crunchy peanut butter sandwich is a very yummy dessert made within 5 to 7 minutes..As we all love desserts, we all love to taste the varieties too and this taste soo crunchy and yummy.

If anyday I feel to have some dessert after my lunch, I love to make this delicacy and this tastes really good..The ingredients are super simple like the regular ones..The crunchyness of this dessert is what makes it super delicious in taste..I couldn’t really find the right name for this delicacy..The texture is like crunchy caramelized peanut butter sandwich, yes this is what the taste and texture exactly is.

So, if you ever crave for something delicious in your dessert , then do try this yumm and must share with your friends and family, let’s start making this 7 minutes sweets.


Slices of bread



Peanut butter

This is all..these are the only ingredients we need to make this delicacy.so let’s start making.



Firstly take a flat pan..put it on gas in medium flame..preheat for 3 to 4 minutes..Now take a slice of bread..spread 1 tea spoon of butter..Then put 1 table spoon of sugar on it…put it on the pan upside down..roast it by pressing gently using a spatula..

Putting the bread upside down on the pan for a caramelized roasting.

Now add 1 tea spoon more butter on the other side..and then roast both the sides golden brown by pressing it gently with a spatula because it gives it a very crunchy texture..the sugar will caramelize and the taste will enhance even more..roast both the sides in low to medium flame..

The bread is turning golden brown

roast two slices the same way..stuff 1 table spoon of peanut butter in between and cut it into pieces and the yum is ready..this is super crunchy and tasty..



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