How to make pumpkin curry/kaddu ki khatti meethi sabji recipe

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One of the most delicious sweet and sour pumpkin curry recipe is here, made using simple spices and ingredients in the kitchen.

Hello world!! Welcome back to the most delicious food hub.a little messy but the most delicious..Today I thought of sharing one of my favorite pumpkin curry , easy to cook and absolutely delicious in tatse..Pumpkin curry is known in many other names in different parts of the country..Some calls it kaddu ki sabji, It is also called kumhda..When it comes to pumpkin many other varieties are also being prepared..It is mixed in mix vegetable curry, a dry pumpkin and onion curry is also being prepared and also many desserts too..But the one i have brought today is different than other varieties and its juicy in texture..

It is a mixture of sweet, salt and sour..As pumpkins are naturally watery, it needs lesser quantity of water to cook the yum also it takes very less time to cook .It combines really well with rice or tortilla/chapati..In my family it is being cooked during the lunch time..If you love pumpkin ,then do try this yum and make sure to let your family and friends taste this delicacy.

So let’s cook it by listing the minimum ingredients we need to cook pumpkin curry.


2 cups of square chopped pumpkin/kaddu

1tea spoon salt

3 table spoon oil

1 tea spoon mustard seeds

1 tea spoon cumin seeds

2 table spoon fresh lemon juice

1 tea spoon chilli powder

1/3 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 teaspoon kashmiri red chilli powder for a beautiful color

4 to 5 table spoon sugar

you can sprinkle some parsley leaves/dhania patta

So these are the ingredients and let’s go through the method to cook it up.


Simply take a pan.let the pan to be dry completely.add oil to heat in medium flame..then add the cumin and mustard seeds alltogether..As soon as the seeds starts to pop, add the chopped pumpkins into it..then add chilli powder, salt and turmeric powder.mix well..cook for two minutes and then add 1cup water..lower the flame as soon as it starts to boil..close the lid and wait until the pumpkins beacome semi-cooked..Afer some time when it become semi-cooked, add sugar and kashmiri red chilli powder..the sugar will start to melt and also the color of the curry will change..add lemon juice and cook for 3 to 4 minutes in low flame and switch off the gas..

and the most delicious pumpkin curry is ready to be served..give it a try👍👍

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