How to make kheer/Rice Kheer recipe/rice pudding

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Rice kheer

Hello world!!🙏Welcome back to the kitchen of flavorful Indian foods,dishes and desserts.Kheer/Indian rice pudding is one of the most classic and traditional dessert across India.

This classic Indian cuisine is a perfect serve,if you are craving for something exotic. Rice pudding is one of the most famous and popular make at home dessert.Kheer is a rich combination of milk, rice,sugar, nuts with flavor of cardamom.

Since the traditional times, kheer has gained its popularity because of its rich taste and texture.Kheer which is also called as payasam comes under so many other varieties.Rice kheer is one of the most loved and easy to make dish.

This savory is incredible in taste and can be cooked easily without any extra efforts but to make the most tasty ones, a little trick and tips goes really well.

What is kheer

Kheer, which also known as payasam is a slow cooked dessert using whole cow milk by adding soaked rice, sugar and nuts.It comes under one of the most exotic and tasty Indian cuisine/dessert.

Chawal kheer/rice pudding

Dating back to the traditional times,where there was no fancy sweets were easily available,kheer/payasam used to be the most homely and tasty dish on special occasions and festivals.

Kheer is still one of the most preferred sweet dish in Indian homes during auspicious accasions and loved across India.

Ingredients to make Kheer

1 liter cow milk

1/2 cup rice

1 and 1/2 cup sugar

50 g.m raisins

50 g.m almonds

1 teaspoon cardamom powder


Start the process of making rice kheer by boiling the milk.Put a container on the gas,pour the milk,let it come to the boiling point

Boiling milk to make rice kheer

Boil for 2 to 3 minutes and then add the soaked rice by crumbling it using hands.This is a great trick to cook the rice well and give it a perfect texture for kheer.

Cook the rice and milk in low to medium flame until it takes a semi thick texture.Don’t forget to time to time.

Cooking milk and rice to make kheer

Keep scraping the cream from the sides of the container to give it a thick and creamy texture.Now add sugar and cardamom powder.Mix well.Cook for few minutes more until the mixture becomes semi thick.

NOTE-Stay more watchful after adding sugar and keep stirring to avoid sticking it to the container or pan.

Now add some chopped nuts of your choice.I have added raisins and chopped almonds.And here the most exotic rice kheer is ready .Grab a bowl of this Indian dessert and don’t forget to share with friends and family.

Kheer/Rice pudding

Stay tuned for more Indian food and recipes.

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