How to make Leafy wafer wraps/Bhaji papad wraps recipe

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Leafy wafer wraps

This healthy crispy leafy wafer wraps are just to authentic in taste.This version of salad is a great combination.Most of the time we prefer raw veggies inside these wafers but these leafy stuffing makes it different than the other wafer wraps.

Indian wafer which is famously known as papad is a mediumly spicy wafer, that is roasted or deep fried and also is a very common wafer in every Indian restaurants as well as in Indian homes.

In this leafy wafer wraps, I have used leafy greens as the stuffing.The stuffing is made using very minimum spices to balance the spice when the wafer and stuffing combines together.I have used Moong papad which is easily available in every Indian grocery.These amazing leafy wafer wraps are amazing as starter and also levels up the taste of food.

What is papad

Papad is a very famous Indian wafer made of lentil flour which makes food even more tastier.Papad has many varieties, it is made in different ways, giving it different flavor and taste.

Papad is used in salads, as a starter, as wraps and also used in making curry.The textur of papad is like thin Flatbread which is roasted in heat as well as deep fried.

Papad is made using different types if flour, like the lentils,chickpeas,millet,rice.Because of its high popularity and rich taste it has made its way to every part of India.

How to make leafy wafer wraps

This recipe includes simple ingredients and spices.You can use any of your favorite leafy greens.The texture of these leafy wafer wraps are moist inside and crunchy outside.It took me 15 minutes to make these leafy wafer wraps as the leafy greens take lesser time to be cooked.


2 bunches of leafy greens

1 medium small chopped onion

2 dried red chili flakes

1 teaspoon mustard seeds

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoon mustard oil

Papad/Indian wafers

Oil to roast


Start the process of making leafy wafer wraps by preparing the stuffing first.Wash off the leafy greens nicely.

Leafy greens

Put a pan on the gas.Heat on high flame.Add oil.As we are using mustard oil, we need to cook the oil first by heating it until the bubbles formed dissappear completely.Then add the mustard seeds.Put the chopped onions and dried chilli flakes.Mix well.Cook for 2 minutes in medium flame and then add the leafy green into it.Mix well.These Iron rich leafy greens gets cooked easily, so cook on high flame and you will see it squeezing up within 3 to 4 minutes.Add salt in the end.Mix well and cook for another 5 minutes until the water dries up completely.

Cooked leafy greens

As the stuffing of leafy green is ready.Take one papad/Indian wafer.Take a plate add water and dip the papad into it from both the sides 2 to 3 times.

Dipping wafer in water

Now put it on a plate.Spread good quantity of leafy green stuffing.

Fold top and bottom as shown below the picture.

Now wrap the other side in a rolling motion.

Give vertical cut and the leafy wafer wrap is ready to be roasted in oil.

Put a non stick pan on the gas.Heat until warm.Grease the top side of the leafy green wraps well.And put one by one by flipping the top side and then again grease the other side the same way.Roast in low to medium flame until both the sides turns crispy brown.

And these leafy wafer wraps are all set to taste.Its yummy Try!!Try on this simple and amazing leafy wafer wraps and must share with you near and dear ones.

Stay tuned for more Indian food recipes.👍👍

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