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How to make boondi raita/raita recipe

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Boondi raita is a famous Indian dish made by curd and mini gram flour fritters, that is known as boondi..It is one of my favorite and the most delicious dish to combine with rice or roti/tortilla..I personally prefer raita during my lunch time and the process of making boondi raita is soo simple..but I got to know about this perfect and tasty boondi raita recipe from my mother..who always cooks yum!!..Though the process is simple and the ingredients are also same but still if we give it to 4 different people and it will definitely taste different..I would definitely like to know about the other ways of making boondi raita..

Now coming to my recipe which is simple and really delicious in taste with perfect texture..In my opinion raita tastes better when its cold..l like it that way..while making raita, everything depends upon the thickness of the curd and the quantity of spices added…there are other varieties of raita are being made, like the cucumber raita, louky raita, tomato onion raita..Ofcourse they all have their own taste..But boondi raita always tops the list.

As the process of making boondi raita is simple enough..let’s start making raita by listing the ingredients first.I can literally have a bowl of this🤤always favorite..





2 cups of fresh curd

1 cup dry boondi/raita boondi

Note:-If you don’t have raita boondi in your kitchen,it is easily available in the grocery.Though we can make it easily at home but I have not really added the recipe of raita boondi here, so I would suggest to bring it from the market.

1 tea spoon red chilli powder

1 tea spoon cumin powder

1 table spoon sugar

1 and 1/2 tea spoon salt

1 table spoon oil

1 tea spoon mustard seeds

Some curry leaves

I have not added curry leaves here because it was not available in my kitchen at that time but if you have some, then you can definitely add it.


Start by warming up a bowl of water to soak the dry boondi..by putting it in the warm water it softens the boondi and also removes any access oil ..just keep it inside warm water for 3 to 4 minutes until it becomes just soft..now squeeze the boondi using hands to remove any access water from it..

Take a container, add the curd and 1/2 cup cold water..mix well using a hand blender for 2 minutes straight for a smooth texture..Now add the sugar, salt and cumin powder..mix all the ingredients well by stirring it..now add the squeezed boondi/fritters into it..mix well..take a oval spoon..put it on the gas by adding the oil in medium temperature..Now add the mustard seeds , if you have curry leaves ,then put it too..let the seeds pop..switch off the gas and put the chilli powder in the oil for a tadka..put the oil all over the raita..mix well and put it in the refrigerator for some time..TIP:-Dont put it inside the deep freezer👍

Delicious boondi raita in just 10 minutes.

Tip:-adding chilli powder after switching off the gas doesn’t burn it, so the color and spice remains intact without any alteration in the taste of food.



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