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Aloo seera recipe,/how to make aloo ka halwa/how to make potato pudding

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Puddings are the most delicious dessert types we all are soo fond of..Aloo seera that is potato pudding is a very delicious dessert made by boiling potatoes and thereby sautéing it in ghee/butter , sugar and nuts..

Hello guys!!

Do you people love potato??Well we all are well acquainted with the dishes made using potatoes like the various types of curries, French fries,different stuffings to many more..but have you ever heard about making a really delicious dessert out of it..Well today I have brought a very delicious dessert recipe made by potato, the taste is like , delicious and yumm..This potato pudding called as aloo ka halwa / aloo seera is super delicious and simple to make..

If you love potato at times in your diet then don’t forget to include this delicious dessert once in a while..The texture of this halwa is creamy and soft..simply yumm!!

If you ever wondered how to make aloo seera/halwa ,then simply go through the process to make the super delicious potato pudding..





3 cups chopped boiled potatoes

1 cup sugar

3 table spoon ghee/non salted butter

1/3 tea spoon cardamom powder

40 g.m cashews


To make aloo ka halwa/potato pudding, simply boil potatoes..then mess it up well using your hands or a Messer..Now put an oval pan on the gas..add 1 table spoon ghee/non salted butter. Then add the cashews and roast in medium flame for a light brown color..Now add another 2 table spoon of ghee…then add the messed potatoes into it..mix well using spatula..keep mixing in medium flame.. until the potatoes gets cooked well and leaves a little grease around the pan..cook atleast for 6 to 7 minutes..then add the sugar into it.mix well again..the sugar will melt and then again cook for 2 to 3 minutes more..add the roasted cashews and cardamom powder..mix well and serve in a bowl..It taste really yummy when warm..neither too hot nor too cold..The taste comes out really well when its warm..

Tip-1- The ghee I have added is not melted.The measurements are according to direct thick ghee.

Tip-2-You can preserve it in refrigerator for 2 days and grab it by warming it up again..





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