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Classic cabbage stew/how to make cabbage stew

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This is one the most cassic stew recipe made using cabbage, eggplant and potato.

Hello world!!

Thinking about what’s the food trends going on these days I bumped on to writing about a stew where the main veggie is cabbage and the other ones are eggplant and potato..This is a very simple and classic stew recipe..Here in my locality, it is one of the most cooked veggie type and also taste delicious..I have seen people cooking this stew without any special effort like chopping the veggies correctly or in the right shape..I would call it a very rough to cook food which is really tasty..No special cutting process needed..Also you can get my terms correctly by looking at the picture of how uneven the shape of the veggies are and yet it tastes super delicious..The fun part is I have learned a new technique of cutting cabbage without too much effort..Here people cut it using a still glass by holding it upside down and it looked really cool..




Like in big feasts and occasions this technique is applied highly for quick cutting of cabbage. Though the cuttings are not too perfect but yaa you will get your veggies cut in the coolest manner quickly..As we all know cabbage is naturally watery..I have not used any water to cook the stew..It can be combined with daal(lentils), chawal(rice) which is the regular food in every Indian homes..also you can have it with your favorite roti/chapati/tortilla..People like to cook this stew spicey too but its a simple and delicious one today with basic and minimum spices added..

Cabbage is one of the most used veggies in my home during the season of winter..Using cabbage in fried rice, poha, and in many other dishes..Fresh organic cabbage is best.

So let’s start making this yummy cabbage stew by listing the ungridients first..





1 medium sized fresh cabbage

2 medium sized potatoes

1 eggplant/brinjal

1 table spoon ginger garlic paste

1 teaspoon chilli powder

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 table spoon mustard seeds

1 table spoon salt/according to your taste

3 table spoon cooking oil

So, no special ingredients needed to cook cabbage stew and also the process in really simple..


Start by putting a pan on the gas..let the pan be completely dry..then add the oil..let it be hot..add mustard seeds..as soon as it starts to pop..add the ginger garlic paste..mix well..lower the flame and then add the cabbage ,eggplant and chopped potatoes..mix well..now put the spices, chilli powder,, turmeric powder and salt..mix all the spices and ingredients well .Cook in high flame for 5 to 7 minutes and use a spatula to the flip the veggies time to time..

All the spices has been added to the veggies..

when the natural water content of the veggies dries up..switch down the flame to low and close the lid to cook for another 10 minutes straight or more if necessary until the veggies get cooked well..When it is done, remove it to a bowl and serve hot..this is one of the simplest way of making this cabbage stew which becomes really flavorful when cooked well..

A close up look at how delicious it looks.

Soon coming with more simple and delicious recipe✌✌stay tuned.

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