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Masala aloo dum recipe

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This delicious aloo dum masala is made using raw spices and if you have already boiled aloo/potato available, then it’s just a 10 minutes recipe.

Hello everyone 👋welcome back again..today I have come to share a very delicious curry recipe, you can cook in just 10 minutes..Masala Aloo Dum or spicy potato curry..This one is the easiest to cook curry anyone can make.Potato is known to be the king of vegetables and in my kitchen its atleast once in a day veggie..

We all love potato in our own different ways.Starting from different stuffings to many food items without potato its incomplete.. Masala aloo dum is a super delicious recipe, you can combine it with roti/tortilla or rice..

In this recipe I have not added any powdered spices except kashmiri red chilli powder..And the taste is worth it every bite..if you love to know about different curry recipe and specially the varieties in potato dishes then go through this simple recipe and don’t forget to try on this yumm.


8 medium sized boiled potato

1 cup small chopped onions

1 cup chopped tomato

1 table spoon grated ginger

3 to 4 chopped green chilli

2 table spoon butter

Slat to taste

1 table spoon kasturi methi


To make aloo dum masala..chop all the boiled potatoes into half pieces..then make a puree of tomato, ginger and green chilli..Now take a pan .put it on high flame..add butter..let it melt..now add the tomato puree into it..keep stirring in medium flame until the water content dries up..it will take 2 to 3 minutes..now add the chopped onions ..cook again in low flame..let the onions be semi cooked..now add the kashmir red chilli powder.. adding kashmir red chilli powder gives it a very beautiful color.. Mix well..now add 1 cup water..let the mixture boil..add salt and kasturi methi..the flavor of kasturi methi goes really well with any kind of potato curry..Now add the chopped potatoes and mix well..you can add 1/2 cup more water if it looks too dry.

Lower the flame and cook for 3 minutes more to let the potato absorb all the spices well..switch off the gas and the delicious Masala aloo dum is ready to be served..

😋 delicious

Super delicious masala aloo dum

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