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How to make crispy namkeen/namkeen recipe

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This is one of the most delicious, crispy and famous namkeen/snack made using all purpose flour/maida,oil, salt and carom seeds.

Hello world!!welcome to the most amazing and tasty recipes full of flavors..Today I have brought a very delicious and crispy Indian snack recipe , called as namkeen. It is a very famous snack item in Indian families often combined with tea.

In my family during the festive seasons we make this at our home because we all love the taste and texture..even around Indian backery, these type of namkeens and many other varieties are easily available..this delicious and crispy snack is easy to make , but the most important trick to make it lies in preparing the dough.These snack items are called as namkeens because these are salted snack items prepared in varieties of ways and also available in different flavors.I like to have it with tea mostly , also people love it with chilli pickles and chutney..In Indian homes these type of snack items are easily available and stored in airtight plastic jars..The best thing about these snacks are , it can be stored for 10 days atleast and you will get the same crisp.




The recipe to make this crispy and delicious namkeen is quite easy, it just needs a bit of conscious effort to prepare the right dough.The crispy texture is all depends upon the dough which must be tighter..After the dough is prepared , it is then deep fried by cutting into long pieces..It has a very authentic flavor of carom seeds/ajwain which are well known for its digestive properties.In India we mostly use carom seeds in salted deep fried items for an amazing flavor as well as a for support for a good digestion.These namkeens are made using absolute simple ingredients..If you are curious to know more about this amazing snack and how to make namkeens, then keep on reading for further tips and method..



Let’s start preparing this delicacy by listing the ingredients first.

2 cups of all purpose flour/maida

1/2 cup melted vanaspati ghee/oil

Tip:-Using Vanaspati ghee to make these namkeen snack items makes it taste really good and crispy.Also you can use oil if you wish to.

1 table spoon carom seeds

1 table spoon salt

Oil to deep fry

So, these are the most simple ingredients we need to make this delicious namkeens.Give it a try, and let’s go through the method.


Take a container to make tight dough out of the ingridients listed above.Add all purpose flour , that is maida, oil, salt and carom seeds according to the ratio mentioned..Now dry mix all thegridients using your hands nicely.. Slowly add water to make a tight dough..just like this.

The dough for making crispy namkeen/snack which is really tight in texture is ready..

Knead the dough for 2 to 3 minutes using hands..Now put a frying pan on the gas in medium flame to preheat the oil for a good fry.In this period of time when the oil comes to the right temperature, take at least 2 to 3 tortilla amount of balls and roll it.the thickness of the rolled dough must be thicker than the regular tortilla..you don’t need to roll it perfectly because you are going to cut it into 2 inches long pieces just like this.

So roll the ball and cut into long pieces just like this..Those tiny carom seeds have an amazing flavor and comes out even more nicely after deep frying..So now the oil must be in the right temperature to deep fry the namkeens..you can try the correct temperature by putting a small ball of the dough into it..if it starts bubbling as soon as you put it inside the oil..its the right temperature, neither too hot nor too warm..now deep fry all the namkeens by adding into the oil..make sure to fry it into sections if your pan is small because the namkeens must be well dipped inside the oil to be perfectly fried.

Deep fry in low to medium flame until it turns into a light golden color.

Tip:-while putting the namkeens the flame must be high and then eventually lower it to get the right crisp, texture and color.

Now remove it to an oil paper to get rid of any access oil..taste it , try it and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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