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How to make grape pickle/grape pickle recipe

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Delicious green grape pickle with some chosen regular spices

Hello world!!

Welcome back to the kitchen of home-cooked delicious Indian food..After writing on Indian curries and tortillas and other variety of dishes, I thought of bringing one simple and delicious grape pickle recipe.Have you ever tried on this yum??if not, then don’t forget to go through the detailed recipe to know the quick process to make this amazing and mouthwatering grape pickle.





Green grape pickle

Grape Pickle!!sweet and salt..wow!!the name itself is enough to think of having it right now..When it comes to pickle the varieties are endless and the taste, texture and the spices, all are just soo flavorful and in Indian market delicious pickle are packed and sold in so many varieties but the satisfaction of making it at home bring so much happiness.While making grape pickle, I thought of writing on this yum because its a quick, yummy and super easy recipe with some basic spices and ingredients added and the good thing is, the effort is worth it.




If you love pickle and like to try different varieties, then you are at the right place..let’s begin the process of making grape pickle by listing the ingredients first-

1. 250 g.m of fresh green grapes

2. 100 g.m sugar

3. 2 teaspoon black salt

4. 1 teaspoon black pepper powder

5. 2 dried red chilli flakes


Simply cut all the grape into half pieces..take a container, put the grape, salt, sugar,black pepper and chilli flakes..mix all the ingredients well..

Now take a sauce pan..put the mixture of grapes and spices.. add 1/2 teacup water to let the sugar melt easily..cook in high flame first until it starts to boil..then lower the flame to medium.

The mixture of grape and spices has been started to boil.

Now stir time to time using a spoon until the sugar syrup starts to thicken and starts becoming a bit sticky.

The grapes has been started becoming sticky with the syrup

At this point you will see a very beautiful caramelized color coming out..just stir for 2 to three minutes more and the very quick and delicious grape pickle is all set to be served in your plate.

Delicious grape pickle

Take a spoon of pickle and combine with your roti, tortilla or flatbread👍👍preserve in a glass jar and keep it in your refrigerator.

Stay tuned for more delicious dishes.

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