The idea of home cooking

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Homecooking is a great way to explore food diversity.In this morden era, where there is no end to different food quote stepping to deliver straight to the doors.Homecooking is a great way to control and identify the amount of food you want to cook, the kind of food you want to cook and the way you want to cook.

Shout out to all the housewife and working moms who have opted for the idea of home cooking.It not only helps in creating a health friendly tasty foods and dishes but also sharpens the incredible skill of cooking.

Its so great how our moms have mastered the art home cooking yet being able to do other important works.Starting from cooking delicious food to strictly not wasting food and turning the previous ones into something completely tasty and delicious.

What is home cooking

What is home cooking? To dig a bit deeper into this concept, let me explain it is one of the most incredible way to work with food, spices and flavors.It helps us know food better, combine better and cook better.Home cooking basically refers to cooking at home.

It helps in choosing the right food for your family.Starting from maintaining good hygiene to creating delicious dishes, homecooking has always been appreciated since the traditional times.

Our mothers are the epitome of homecoming.They have got all the creative ways to make a meal super tasty just as the restaurant style.

Here I m presenting some of the most delicious home cooked Indian recipes and I can say these recipes have justified the taste,flavor and amezingness hidden in home cooking.

Cheese Sandwich

This is cheese sandwich made using farmers cheese and some spices.

This cheese sandwich is a quick and tasty recipe.It is one of the those healthy, tasty vegetarian delight for anytime of the day.Mixed with small chopped onions, curd and spices.It taste so cheesy and different.

Grilled Peneer

This is grilled paneer spiced up with in different Indian masala and flavors.

This homecooked grilled paneer is a quick and authentic savory exactly as restaurant style.You can have it as your starter or during the snack time.It is spiced up with flavors and spices and thereby topping it with chopped green chili and mayonnaise.It is a must try.

Poha Mixture

This is Poha mixture, an Indian snack item made using flattened rice

Snacks and namkeens are one of the most selling packaged food items in Indian food industry.Poha mixture is a famous and crispy Indian snack roasted in oil, mixed with roasted peanuts,green chilli and curry leaves.This home-cooked poha mixture is exactly as crispy and tasty as what we buy from the market.

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