The vegetarian diet

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Vegetarian diet has its own ways of nurturing human body to the fullest.Being vegetarian I can say it gives you the required energy, nutrition and health.The varieties in vegetarian foods are endless.

Starting from vegetables,fruits or pulses vegetarian diet is a great way to cherish the natural food options readily available on this earth.As we all know vegetarian diet refers to the ones that come mostly from plants.

A vegetarian diet includes vegetables,fruits,pulses,beans,lentils.Including dairy products like milk,cheese,yogurt which are incredible ways to fulfill the protein requirements in our body.Dairy products are a great source of calcium and minerals too.

Salads and leafy greens are another great addition to healthful vegetarian diet.These are naturally low in calories and sodium.Salads contain tons of nutrients that benefit our body and mind.It is full of fiber,vitamin E and vitamin C.These nutrients are good for heart and lower the risk of obesity and nurturs the overall health.

Difference between vegan and vegetarian

We often get confused between the two terms vegan and vegetarian.As both the terms sounds similar,its quite normal to assume both as same.Vegetarians don’t eat any food made of meat,fish, shellfish or animal by-products such as gelatine or rennet.Whereas vegans don’t eat any food products that come from animals including diary products and eggs.

A vegan and vegetarian diet consists of-

Grians, beans pulses

Carbohydrates such as rice,potatoes,pasta

Nuts, seeds,fruits,vegetables

Diary products such as milk or cheese

Vegetarian Indian food and recipes

Indian foods and dishes are full of flavors and taste.Being a vegetarian i can say it has huge variety with incredible taste and health.A proper vegetarian diet is full of nutrition,vitamins and minerals for the overall nourishment of our body.

One of the most portentous food every vegetarian swear by is, paneer.It is one of the most loved vegetarian food across India.There are so many dishes being prepared with paneer like paneer butter masala,jeera fried paneer,paneer bhurji,chilli paneer,paneer rolls and so many.

Punjabi Paneer butter masala

Punjabi paneer butter masala curry

Paneer butter masala is a spicy and tangy paneer curry with added Indian spices.

This paneer curry is one of the most demanding paneer recipe.You can easily find paneer butter masala in the menus of hotels or restaurants in India.The good part about this authentic Indian savory is, you can cook it exactly as the restaurants style at home.Click on the link to check the detailed recipe of paneer butter masala.


Uttapam is one of the most popular South Indian dish .To describe it in a simple manner, it is a pancake made using rice batter with veggies topping.It tastes really great with chutneys or sauce.It is one if the most healthy Indian breakfast which is easy to cook and an absolute delight.

Uttapam with onions and tomato topping

Jeera Aloo

A healthy vegetarian diet consists of a balanced amount of carbohydrates,protein,vitamins and nutrients.Being rich in vitamin C and potassium, potatoes are good to be taken in a balanced amount.Aloo jeera is one of the simplest versions of potato dishes with crunchy cumin(jeera)seeds sautéed in oil.

This quick potato recipe is a must have because of its distinctive taste.

Aloo jeera

Leafy wafer wraps

A vegetarian diet is incomplete without the healthy leafy greens.Rich in iron and vitamins ,leafy greens are an essential part of a great vegetarian diet.During the season of leafy greens it is used in so many ways, as salads,with lentils and vegetables Leafy wafer wraps are a savory combination of crunchy Indian wafer called as papad and a stuffing of cooked leafy greens.

Leafy wafer wraps

Cheese sandwich

While thinking of a good breakfast,the first thing that instantly come to our mind is sandwiches and we all like to have our sandwiches differently.Some like it with salad stuffing to other like it with some other stuffings like potatoes or veggies. Cheese sandwich is one of the most loved out of all.The recipe I have brought today is the Indian style farmers cheese sandwich.

This sandwich is a protein rich breakfast option which tastes really good.The best part about this recipe is, no processed cheese has been added.This sandwiches are made using homemade farmers cheese or Chennai.

Farmers cheese sandwich

Lauki dal

Lauki dal is one of the most simple to cook and delicious Indian cuisine.It is a curry made using lauki(bottle gourd) and split peason lentils known as arhar dal.This healthy bowl if dal is another example of delicious vegetarian dish packed with health and taste.

Lauki dal

Pumpkin curd salad with leafy greens

Pumpkin curd salad is a great way enhance the taste and texture of your salad game.In this recipe pumpkins onions and leafy greens are Sautéed in oil and thereby mixing it with fresh curd.The taste is absolutely delicious.You can combine it with rice or your favorite tortilla or can definitely have a bowl of this healthy salad solely.

Pumpkin curd salad

Above are a few great vegetarian food options that will surely bring taste and health on your plate.

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