How to make butter at home/Makkhan recipe

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Home made butter/makkhan

Making fresh butter at home is the best thing to do.This is by far one of the best recipe I have put here.Nothing can beat the taste and texture of home made fresh butter/makkhan.




This Indian butter/makkhan is very smooth and soft in texture.It is made by the cream collected from whole cow milk.In my family, my mom makes this fresh butter/makkhan every now and then.During our childhood I remember it was the best thing to spread on bread or tortilla.


Traditionally butter/makkhan is collected by continuously churning of the cream which separates the solid milk fat from the butter milk.Apart from the butter, the butter milk is also known for its healthy cooling properties and it is the best drink during summer.

What is makkhan

The solid yellowish milk fat extracted from milk cream is famously known as makkhan in India.The process of making makkhan/butter is simple.

Traditionally makkhan making has been a part of every family as a multipurpose use of whole cow milk.It is a huge money saver.This fresh butter is eventually used to make ghee/clarified butter to preserve for further use.

How to make makkhan/butter

The process to make butter/makkhan is simple enough.I have made this soft and smooth butter directly using mixer grinder.

The first step to make butter or makkhan at home is simply by collecting cream out of 1 litr boiled milk for a week.keep the cream inside the refrigerator to keep it fresh.


Now as a good quantity of cream has been collected, keep the container of cream outside to normalize the temperature.

Now put small quantity of cream in a grinder jar and grind it.

Milk cream

check after few minutes, you will see the Milk snd the butter Milk has been nicely separated.

As you can see the butter floating.Now gently remove the butter from the jar into a container.Extract butter the same way from the remaining cream.And the fresh Makkhan or butter is ready.

Spread it on your bread , sprinkle some salt and black pepper.Enjoyy.This fresh butter can be used for 2 days straight.👍👍

Home made fresh butter/makkhan

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