How to make lassi/description and health benefits

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The traditional Indian drink made fron yougurt is called as lassi.Lassi is one of the best yogurt based dish one should try with incredible cooling effects.It is a popuar North Indian drink and has gained immense popularity over the period of time.It is considered as one of the best summer drink with multiple health benefits.

This quintessential beverage has seen enjoyed for centuries for its refreshing taste.Lassi is not only a popular beverage in Indian homes but also has gained so much global popularity because of its delightful flavor and versatility.Wheather you are a lassi enthusiast or a newcomer about Indian cuisines,this article will provide you all the information about this flavourful beverage.

Origin and cultural significance of lassi

Lassi has its roots in the Punjab region of India.It has been a cherished drink in punjab since traditional times.The refreshing taste makes it one of the best yogurt beverages during summer.

Traditionally lassi was made by blending yogurt,adding sugar,nuts or even fruits.Because of its incredible cooling effects,it is considered as the perfect drink during summer heat.

In Indian culture,lassi holds a special place.It is often associated with hospitality.Guests are offered a glass of lassi as a welcome drink.The popularity of lassi has made its way to other parts of the country.It holds a special place during puja or ceremonies symbolizing goodwill and warmth.

Health benefits of lassi

Apart from the flavors and taste, lassi has also many health benefits.This is another reason people prefer lassi during summer days.As it is yogurt based, every benefits of yogurt can be reaped though lassi in a flavorful way.So let’s know about the various health benefits of consuming lassi-

Improves gut health

Lassi is rich in probiotics.Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that promote a healthy digestive system.1 cup of lassi everyday can help in maintaining a balanced gut flora.It may reduce issues like indigestion and constipation.


Hydration is an important part of our health and wellbeing.Lassi is one of the most hydrating beverages during summers.The primary ingredient in lassi, yogurt and water are highly hydrating.It helps in replenishing lost fluids and electrolytes in the body.Lassi makes you feel refreshed and energized.

Rich in nutrients

Lassi is a rich source of essential nutrients.It is full of vitamins,minerals,calcium  and protein.It supports bone health,boosts immunity and maintains overall wellbeing.

Lassi has cooling effects

Lassi has natural cooling effects.It is considered as one of the most ideal drink during summer by inducing a dose of energy and refreshment.

What are the types of lassi?

Traditionally lassi was made using simple ingredients such as yogurt,sugar or dryfruits.With changing time and culinary changes new variations emerged.The popularity of lassi made it go through some changes where different ingredients and flavors were added.Some of the best type of lassi are listed below-

Plain lassi

Plain yogurt lassi is the traditional one.It is made using 3 to 4 simple ingredients such as yogurt,sugar and nuts.It is one of the most basic way to make lassi that is completely yogurt based without any extra flavoring.Only sugar and nuts are added.

Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi is prepared by blending yogurt and ripened mango puree together.Nuts,cardamom powder and sugar are added for the desired sweetness.It is then topped with some more Chopped mangoes.It is one of the best lassi variety during summers.The combination of mango and yogurt is bsolutely exotic.

Salted lassi

The traditional version of lassi is sweet.Those who avoid sweets can go for salted lassi.To make salted lassi,blend yogurt and some water together by adding spices like cumin powder,black pepper powder,salt a bit of chilli powder.

Mint lassi

Mint lassi is one of the emerging varients of lassi.With its incredible refreshing taste,it is becoming a favorite variety for lassi lovers.Mint leaves are blended with yogurt for a cooling effect and refreshing taste.

Rose lassi

This aromatic version of lassi is prepared by mixing rose syrup or rose water with yogurt giving it a delicate flavor and fragrance.Lassi is often considered as one of the most preferred during weddings and celebrations  for the aroma and taste it provides.

How to make lassi at home?

Lassi is one of the simplest and easy to make Indian beverages.This yogurt based beverage needs few minutes to make.The exotic taste is a reminder to drink lassi and specially during the summer heat.

Sweet lassi recipe

2 cups yogurt

1/2 cup water/cold milk

3 tablespoon sugar

1/3 teaspoon cardamom powder

Chopped nuts to garnish


Take a blender.Pour the yogurt,milk/water,sugar and cardamom powder.Blend well until it takes a soft texture.Traditionally hand blenderd were used to make lassi.You can use that too.

Pour into glasses.Add ice cubes if you like your beverage chilled.Garnish with chopped nuts.This way of making lassi is the most basic and traditional way.

Keeping in mind, yogurt is the basic ingredient to make lassi.Other than yogurt ingredients like mango,mint leaves,rose syrup are added to make its different variations.


Apart from being a delicious drink,Lassi is a symbol of health and cultural beliefs.Wheather you choose it sweet or salt, it is one of the best beverages of india  to suit every palate.

With its incredible health benefits, it is a delightful addition to any diet.So the times you are looking for a cooling and nutritious beverages, do try on this Indian lassi.Enjoy this delicious drink with multiple health benefits representing the culinary culture of India.

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