How to modify salty foods/Tricks and tips

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Welcome back to the delicious Indian kitchen.Knowning about kitchen tips and tricks can actually help avoid food waste and better kitchen management.Today’s topic covers tricks and tips to modify salty foods,so that it does not get into the garbage bin.

To all the ones working in kitchen know how important it is to learn simple tricks for better handling of ingredients.Dealing with spices,flavors and other ingredients can sometimes be an overwhelming experience.But knowing about small tips and tricks can actually save your day.Putting on extra salt unconsciously or while gossiping with your family, is a very casual thing that can happen to anyone.But being informative about few kitchen hacks can actually help modify salty foods.

It is not only about the blunder of making foods excessive salty but it also can cause health hazards.Salt is one of the special ingredients in kitchen which should be used correctly to avoid food waste and stay healthy.So let’s know the tips and tricks to modify salty foods-

Balancing salty foods with some sweetness

Foods such as sauces, marinades,stir fries,stew,soups,salad dressings,pickled vegetables can effectively be diluted by adding some sweet elements like honey,brown sugar,tomato sauce that can help mellow the flavor.

Sweetening sauces can actually help in stir fried foods and vegetables giving it a differently delicious taste and flavor.

Using potatoes

While making curries,stuffings or other salted items,Accessive saltiness can be managed by putting boiled potatoes.Potatoes not only make your foods thick and creamy but also makes it even more delicious.Adding potato into your food is always a thumbs up to dilute accessive salt.

Removing water content from food

While cooking stew or vegetables,you can remove the accessive water and also can add some extra water which can help strain the spices and salt.You can than modify the food by giving it a good saute with Ingridients like onions, tomatoes and other desired spices.

Adding more ingredients

Adding more ingredients is one of the best ways to dilute saltiness in foods.Cooking some more of the same dish and than mixing it with the salty one can actually save your food from getting wasted.

Ingridients like onions,tomatoes are great to dilute saltiness in curries and soups.

Adding dairy

Adding dairy products like curd,milk cream can actually help dilute the accessive saltiness in soups and curries.It also gives the food a creamy texture,which works as a bonus to the taste of your food.


A mindful approach while working in the kitchen is one of the best practices to avoid putting on accessive salt or other ingredients.Knowing about kitchen tips and tricks can help in handling foods better that helps avoid food wastage and better management of kitchen budget.

Pro tip

If you are not sure about the uses of ingredients and a beginner in cooking field,do start by adding smaller quantities of spices,salt and flavors.Taste while cooking and than again adjust the required ingredients.It will eventually give you the idea about the right quantity of ingredients to use.

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