What is guava/description and health benefits

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Guava is a tropical natural fruit that fills in dry or sticky intensity. Both the flashy part of the guava plant and the leaves are edible.It is an organic fruit that can both be eaten directly as bites and the leaves can be boiled to add some guava flavor in your tea. The surface of guavas is like pears however with a touch of more crunch.The skin of guava is typically light green or light yellow in color while the flash differs from white to deep pink or vibrant red.It is native to Maxico,Central America and South America.Guava is naturally sweet in taste with chewy seeds in between.


This oval shaped fruit is rich in antioxidants, potassium,fiber,vitamin A and C.It has numerous health benefits.Traditionally people used guava to treat stomach conditions,diabetes and wound healing.Both the leafs and the fruit were used to treat diseases.

How to eat guava

Guava is a sweet tropical fruit that can be consumed in the form of juice,salad or jam.Because of the natural sweetness and crunch, it is loved by children to adults.Guava has become significant in the food industry these days where varieties of stuffs are being prepared.Starting from candies,ice cream,jam, jellies,smoothie and other luscious treats. Its distinctive flavor makes it different than other fruits.

In Indian rural region,guava is still a prominent fruit.People eagerly plant guava trees near their homes to reap the fruits during the season.The traditional way of eating guava is, chopping into thin slices and seasoning it with black salt and red chilli powder.Guava farming is done all over India and is a means of profit during the season.Uttar Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh,Punjab,Haryana,karnataka are some of the chief states producing guava.

What are the health benefits of guava

Since traditional times, guava is believed to be an incredible immunity booster.The vitamin C present in guava helps boost immunity and there by fighting common infections.

Due to its low glycemic index, it may help lowering or preventing diabetes.The fiber content in it, helps keeping diabetes in control and regulated.

Guava may help in constipation.As it one of the richest source of fiber, which is very healthy and beneficial for the gut health.When chewed well while eating, it can be an excellent laxative for a healthy bowel movements.

The vitamin A in guava may help in improved eyesight keeping it healthy and away from infections.

It is an excellent weightloss option.It is a tummy filling fruit that instantly satisfies hunger.In comparison to other fruits, raw guava has very low sugar content, that can be an excellent addition to the weight loss diet.

Cultural significance of guava

Across various regions and cultures, guava is believed to hold an auspicious place during rituals and ceremonies.In some parts it is offered as a sacred fruits during festivities and ceremonies.Guava plants are believed to hold positive vibes that bring prosperity when planted near homes.Many guava dishes represents culinary culture of local cuisines.In some parts guava leaves are used to purify the energy surrounding the home by spreading smoke of guava leaves.


Guava is a great fruit with incredible health benefits.The nutrients present in it makes it a safe and healthy choice.

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