Pumpkin curd salad recipe/how to make healthy salad0 (0)

Pumpkin curd salad recipe/how to make healthy salad
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Pumpkin curd salad is one of my most favorite dish which is not only healthy but also super tasty.This recipe is a healthy combination of pumpkin, curd,onions and some leafy greens.It came out really nice while I was trying food fusion.This dish inspires me to do more trial and error with food to discover some…

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How to make boondi raita/raita recipe
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Boondi raita is a famous Indian dish made by curd and mini gram flour fritters, that is known as boondi..It is one of my favorite and the most delicious dish to combine with rice or roti/tortilla..I personally prefer raita during my lunch time and the process of making boondi raita is soo simple..but I got…