Rajasthanti mangodi sabji recipe/Indian food0 (0)

Rajasthanti mangodi sabji recipe/Indian food
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Mangodi sabji is a traditional rajasthani cuisine and a very delicious curry type.This Indian curry is made using dried lentil dumplings. As the name mongodi mentions, It is a very unquie way of preserving yellow lentils by making mini dumplings out of it and then eventually using it to make curry and dishes. https://vegrecipesandcooking.com/kadhai-paneer-recipe-how-to-make-kadhai-paneer/ https://vegrecipesandcooking.com/roasted-poha-mixture-recipe-indian-snack-recipe/…


Sewaiyan upma recipe/vermicelli pasta recipe/Indian recipe
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Hello guys!! Am back with another delicious yet a very simple snack recipe..Sewaiyan Upma. This is one of my favorite go to snack recipe anytime of the day..We often run out of different snack recipes and even sometimes forget the simplest one..Put this sewaiyan upma in your snack list without a second thought because it’s…