How to make gulabjamun/Gulabjamun recipe

How to make gulabjamun/Gulabjamun recipe

Hello world!! Welcome again to the yummy veg kitchen.Today I m writing about a very special sweet dish .India’s one of the most popular and authentic dessert mawa(condensed milk) gulabjamun .As it is one of my favorite and when you make it at home, you are over excited about the whole procedure and specially when…

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How to make Sewaiya kheer/sewayian kheer recipe

This is one of simplest and the most tasty dessert anyone can make..It is made using sewaiya that is known as vermicelli pasta by rosting it in butter and then by putting it in thickened milk. Hello guys Welcome to the home-cooked delicacies..Desserts are one of the most craved food items everywhere..but home-cooked are the…