Carrot rice recipe/Rice recipe0 (0)

Carrot rice recipe/Rice recipe
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Carrot rice is a delicious twist to the regular plain rice.It is a flavorful and simple rice recipe made using cooked rice, grated carrots and other flavorful ingredients.When it comes to food, there is no end to varieties and recipes.Specially rice in India is cooked in so many ways, such as fried rice,pulao,spinach rice,carrot rice…

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How to make fried rice/fried rice recipe
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Delicious and yummy rice ,fried in tomatoes, onions and some easily available spices in the kitchen. hello everyone 👋 welcome again to the home-cooked authentic and delicious food hub with simple and amazing cooking tricks and tips to make food extra delicious and yummy. Are you bored of the regular plain rice??actually I get bored…