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Baigan Bharta recipe/eggplant mashed curry recipe
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Hello everyone Are you a fan of baigan/eggplant and the delicacies made out of it..So here I m to share with you all, my recipe to make baigan Bharta which is super delicious..baigan or eggplant is a regular veggie in our kitchen..And many dishes are being made out of it..but today I have brought one…

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Gud chawal recipe/Rice cake recipe/ how to make meetha chawal
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Hello everyone When it comes to food we all swear by not wasting it as much as possible.So, today I have brought a very nice rice cake recipe which is made using leftover rice and there is no butter or oil added to it..Its a very simple recipe to make, and the taste is really…

How to make masala paratha/Masala paratha with besan stuffing/Stuffed Indian Flatbread
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Masala paratha is one of the most amazing indian flatbread , that gives your regular paratha/flatbread a delicious twist of flavorful Indian spices. This quick masala paratha needs no special dough, just spread the masala/spices inside the regular wheat flour dough and roast with oil or butter.It can be combined with sauce or pickle but…