Eggplant grilled salad/Eggplant recipe/Baigan fry0 (0)

Eggplant grilled salad/Eggplant recipe/Baigan fry
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Are you searching for a quick and healthy eggplant recipe.Check out this 5 minutes eggplant salad flavored with cumin crunches.This eggplant recipe is one of the easiest to make and tastes exotic with onion and tomato slices. What is Eggplant Eggplant is a flashy vegetable and called by different names in different parts of the…

What are the health benefits of greenpeas/matar0 (0)

What are the health benefits of greenpeas/matar
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Green peas are full of health and nutrition. These edible wonder pods are one of those wonders of nature meant for human nourishment.As the season change,the varieties in vegetables become more prominent.Green peas are one among the popular vegetables that are considered really great for human health.They have been a part of human diet since…