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How to make aloo matar sabji/potatoes and green peas curry

Hello world!! Welcome to the home-cooked delicious food recipes..Today I have brought a very simple yet the most classic aloo matar sabji/curry recipe..There is no wonder to cook this delicious one but its too delicious In this beautiful season of winter,aloo matar, gobi matar,matar paneer, and more..It sounds like a rhyme!!but the funpart is In…

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How to make green moong tadka/tadka recipe

Hello all!! Welcome to the kitchen of delicious vegan dishes, tastes and flavors of India..If you ever surf through internet about delicious vegan options then don’t forget to stop by here…Today I have brought a very special and yummy recipe Special because It is my favorite and delicious because if you are a fan of…

How to make Moong daal/yellow split lentil recipe

Hello all!!Winter has been started and so the cravings for delicious food too..Today I have brought a very simple and flavorful yellow lentils recipe..Its a simple dish..the texture of this dish is more on the thicker side..It is made directly using the pressure cooker and the ingredients used are very minimum..Even if it is a…

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How to make khandvi /Gujrati khandvi recipe

khandvi is a very popular snack item from Gujrat,India..It is one of the most famous and delicious snack in gujrat and is made using very simple ingredients in the kitchen..It is made using gram flour that is besan, curd and some very easily available spices ..Basically its a 15 minutes recipe but simple to make…..

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Paneer bharta recipe/delicious messed cottage cheese curry

Hello and Namaste everyone!!🙏🙏 Welcome again to the garden of foods and delicacy..trying to reach you guys with the top delicious home-cooked food..and today I have come with my all time favorite and delicious paneer varta recipe..Paneer is Indian cottage cheese made by cuddling milk and then satteling it to make cubes out of it..This…