Bhindi masala curry recipe/Best okra recipe0 (0)

Bhindi masala curry recipe/Best okra recipe
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Searching for how to cook okra/bhindi?You are at the right place to give a bit of attention to this delicious bhindi masala curry.It is a gravy based Indian cuisine packed in flavors and masala/spices with a creamy taste.Hello world!glad coming back with another delicious and authentic Indian cuisine, bhindi masala curry.Okra in India is known…

Tomato onion curry(tamatar curry)0 (0)

Tomato onion curry(tamatar curry)
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Tomato onion curry is a delicious indian savory cooked within 10 minutes.This tomato dish needs least ingredients which are easily available.Tomato onion curry tastes too good with dal rice or roti. Ever searched for famous tomato recipes?Scroll a bit for this quick recipe to give your food extra taste and the exotic flavor of…

Aloo ki sabji recipe/Soupy Potato curry recipe0 (0)

Aloo ki sabji recipe/Soupy Potato curry recipe
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Aloo sabji/Potato curry is one of the simplest, tastiest and go to curry, anyday and anytime.This simple and tasty curry needs least efforts to cook. It feels overwhelming to write down on this recipe because the first time I was introduced to cooking by my mom, I think aloo ki sabji is the first curry…

Vegetable masala curry recipe/Indian curry5 (1)

Vegetable masala curry recipe/Indian curry
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Vegetable Masala is a classic Indian curry each and every home swear by.It is a combination of vegetables and spices.It is most favorable for lunch or dinner.Eveeyone uses different seasonal vegetables o make vegetable masala curry.I have added some solid ones gives it the most delicious taste including some leafy greens like spinach. Do use…

Lauki dal recipe/how to make lauki dal0 (0)

Lauki dal recipe/how to make lauki dal
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Lauki daal is one of the simple, tasty and healthy curry.When we talk or write about home-cooked foods and dishes we make sure to not miss on these simple and traditional curries.Luaki(bottle gourd), dal(lentil) is a day today curry in Indian homes.Its a less ingredients dish which is combined with rice or roti.…

How to make potato curry/potato curry recipe0 (0)

How to make potato curry/potato curry recipe
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Hello world!! Welcome again to the tasty veg recipes hub. Todays recipe is a simple one pot potato onion curry.The taste is absolutely delicious and it is as simple to cook..So, if you love potatoes, then don’t forget to try on this quick and simple potato onion stew.As we all know the best alternative to…

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Classic cabbage stew/how to make cabbage stew
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Hello world!! Thinking about what’s the food trends going on these days I bumped on to writing about a stew where the main veggie is cabbage and the other ones are eggplant and potato..This is a very simple and classic stew recipe..Here in my locality, it is one of the most cooked veggie type and…