How to make Onion fritters/pakoda recipe/Indian recipe

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Crispy pakoda

Fritters are one of the most famous Indian Street food as well as most loved snack in Indian homes.As monsoon has arrived, fritters are the perfect way to say hello.

The taste and texture of Indian fritters are unmatched.Onion fritters or pyaj pakoda is one of the most tastiest and easy to make fritters.

Every street of India is full with different types of food varieties and one of the most popular among all is, fritters.It is fondly called as pakodi or pakoda in India.

Fritters are generally combined with fried salted green chillies and sauces.Some of the most common fritters are-onion fritters potato fritters,bread fritters,veg fritters.

Gram flour is used to make fritters with other spices like carom seeds,chilli powder and green chilli.

What is Indian Fritters/Pakoda

Indian fritters fondly known as pakoda or pakodi has so many varieties.It is a very famous deep fried snack and the main ingredients to make pakoda is gram flour and the veggies with some spices.Other flour types are also used to make pakoda or fritters like rice flour or rawa.

Pyaj pakoda/Onion fritters

These onion fritters are crispy savory Indian street anack which is incredibly tasty and easy to make.The onion slices in every bites makes it so authentic.Pakodas are one of the most traditional street food in India and the ingredients used are all simple and easily available.

Most often it is served with salted green chilli, It has an Indian way of having pakodas.Have a piece of pagoda and bite a bit of green chilli and the combination is just too good to not try.

The popularity of Indian pakoda/fritters have increased over the course of time, coming up with changing varieties.But the classic one is always the most loved in Indian homes as well as in the streets of India.


2 cups gram flour/besan

3 slice chopped onions

1 teaspoon carom seeds/ajwain

1 and 1/2 teaspoon salt

2 pinches of baking soda for crisp

2 finely chopped green Chilli

3 to 4 green chillies to combine with pagoda

Oil to deep fry

How to make Pakoda/fritters

To make these crispy and delicious onion fritters or pyaj pakoda, simply take a container, add gram flour,carom seeds,chopped green Chilli,salt and chopped onions.Pour water slowly to make a semi thick batter.Mix well clock wise to get rid of the lumps.

Batter to make pakoda

Now put an oval pan on the gas,let it be dry completely,add good quantity of oil to deep fry the pagoda well.let the oil be hot.Give scratches in between the green chillies to avoid popping it.Now deep fry the green chillies first.Remove it from the pan and then sprinkle salt on top of it.keep it aside.

Fried green chillies

Now use your hands to pour pakoda in small quantities 4 to 5 at once.

Putting pakoda into the pan

After few seconds lower the flame to cook the onion fritters or pakoda evenly.Keep flipping using a strainer time to time until it turns golden brown.Transfer it to oil paper gently and enjoy with fried green chilies.

Indian crispy pakoda

Enjoy these crispy pakoda and stay tuned for more Indian recipes.

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