How to make kheer/Rice Kheer recipe/rice pudding0 (0)

How to make kheer/Rice Kheer recipe/rice pudding
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Hello world!!🙏Welcome back to the kitchen of flavorful Indian foods,dishes and desserts.Kheer/Indian rice pudding is one of the most classic and traditional dessert across India. This classic Indian cuisine is a perfect serve,if you are craving for something exotic. Rice pudding is one of the most famous and popular make at home dessert.Kheer is a…

How to make gujiya/gujiya recipe0 (0)
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How to make gujiya/gujiya recipe
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Hello everyone!! Its been soo long that I have not updated any dessert recipe but today I have brought a very amazing Indian dessert gujiya..So, many of you must be searching for how to make gujiya or the easiest gujiya recipe, so, don’t forget to stop here fot a while..So basically gujiya is a deep…

How to make shrikhand/Shrikhand recipe0 (0)

How to make shrikhand/Shrikhand recipe
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Hello world!! Welcome back to my recipes blog!! Today’s recipe is all about a traditional dessert called as Srikhand. Before going to the details of this recipe, let’s know more about shrikhand. Shrikhand is basically a dessert made out of strained yogurt.It is one of the most traditional and delicious Indian cuisine originally from maharashtra..The…

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Crunchy peanut butter sandwich
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Hello people👋 Welcome again with another yum yum!!Its a dessert recipe today.The quickest one..crunchy peanut butter sandwich is a very yummy dessert made within 5 to 7 minutes..As we all love desserts, we all love to taste the varieties too and this taste soo crunchy and yummy. If anyday I feel to have some dessert…

How to make Malpua /malpua recipe
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Hello Namaste all🙏🙏back again to share an amazing recipe today.Malpua! the most delicious dessert one can ever have..The taste, the texture everything is on point and mouthwatering..When it comes to dessert our mood changes suddenly..I love different types of dessert and my mom is a pro in making malpua and I have learnt this delicacy…