Methi paratha recipe/fenugreek tortilla/Indian food0 (0)

Methi paratha recipe/fenugreek tortilla/Indian food
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Fenugreek tortilla is a classic Indian cuisine called as methi paratha here.Methi refers to fenugreek and paratha refers to tortilla.During the season of leafy greens, it is one of the most cooked in Indian homes and loved by everyone.As winter is on its peak, so the colorful vegetables are.This tortilla recipe is a great way…

Malai aloo curry/creamy potato recipe0 (0)

Malai aloo curry/creamy potato recipe
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Malai aloo is a delicious Indian savory and a great way to enhance the taste of your meal.This recipe is an exotic combination of malai/cream and aloo/potato.In this recipe peeled and chopped potatoes has been deep fried and thereby seasoned with spices and cream. Apart from all the potato recipe, this recipe has its own…

Asparagus bean stir fry/bean salad/snake beans0 (0)

Asparagus bean stir fry/bean salad/snake beans
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Asparagus bean which is also known as yardlong beans,pea bean,snake bean is a healthy nutritional vegetable .This bean is a good source of protein and antioxidants .It is naturally a bit sweet and therefore it is also preferred in salads.Todays recipe is a quick dose of heath and taste. Asparagus bean stir fry is a…

Roasted mix vegetable/Indian food and recipes0 (0)

Roasted mix vegetable/Indian food and recipes
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Roasted mix vegetable is a delicious Indian delight and a regular good in Indian homes.As the name says, this dish is a mixture of vegetables seasoned with few Indian spices.Roasted in mustard oil, it is an authentic veg delight on your plate. This easy to make mix vegetable needs no specific vegetables.It is a great…

How to make masala paratha/Masala paratha with besan stuffing/Stuffed Indian Flatbread
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Masala paratha is one of the most amazing indian flatbread , that gives your regular paratha/flatbread a delicious twist of flavorful Indian spices. This quick masala paratha needs no special dough, just spread the masala/spices inside the regular wheat flour dough and roast with oil or butter.It can be combined with sauce or pickle but…