What is paleo diet?

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In short Paleo diet is the foods consumed during Paleolithic period.It is also called as the caveman diet or the stone age diet.Paleo diet consists of all the fresh fruits,veggies,muts,meat excluding dairy products,grains,sugar, legumes and all the processed foods like oils,salt alcohol and coffee.The main reason behind excluding dairy products from paleo diet was,milking didn’t exist because animals were started being domesticated after the Paleolithic period.

Proponents promote the Paleolithic diet as a way to improve health.It is believed that it can be good for body composition and metabolism compared to a typical modern diet. On the other hand,this diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies, such as inadequate calcium intake, with side effects such as weakness, diarrhea and headaches.






Recently Paleolithic diet has took a lot of attention because of its popularity claiming health benefits as compared to the modern day food intake.This diet started becoming popular during 21st century and came to limelight when researchers started digging into the depth of paleo diet and other properties related to Paleolithic period.

In 2012 Paleolithic diet was the last trending and was described as being one of the “latest trends” in diets, based on the popularity of diet books about it.In 2013 and 2014 it was the most searched diet types in Google to include in the weightloss management.



While the modern world is engaging more into the modern day diet management, paleo diet is becoming popular because it may help loosing weight.Researchers have argued that,paleo diet is not the only diet to consider in this modern times because the nutritional needs and availability of foods have changed over the period of time.Some clinical experts have argued that,paleo diet is not enough for the overall health of human body considering the geographical changes and nutritional needs.

While Paleolithic diet consists of some high protein,high fiber foods such as vegetables,eggs,nuts, berries, the overall nutrition is restricted for long term health as foods such as legumes,oils and other important elements are excluded.As there are no such clear evidence about the health risks or benefits of paleo diet, it is always recommended to follow any particular diet in supervision of a dietician or clinical expert.

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