How to make sahi aloo dum/Shahi aloo dum recipe

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Shahi aloo dum

Shahi aloo dum is one of the best recipe made using aloo/potatoes.This creamy and delicious shahi aloo dum is a delight you should never miss on.

Shahi aloo dum is a creamy Indian potato dish.Generally while making such exotic food we think if so many spices and ingredients but the amazing part about this recipe is, it is made using basic spices and ingredients without suffocating it with so many spices.

What is shahi aloo dum

Shahi also dum, the traditional Indian classic potato recipe,is an exotic treat anytime of the day.Shahi refers to royal,aloo refers to potatoes and dum refers to the slow cooking process.

This royal potato curry is an absolutely tasty dish and you can easily find this in the menus of restaurants and hotels.While wondering if you can make the same type of Shahi aloo dum at home.The answer is yes!You can easily make Shahi aloo dum as delicious as the restaurants style at home.

Everyone has a way of making Shahi aloo dum and would definitely like to know the other recipes.The one I have brought is a combination of raw spices,boiled potatoes and few other basic ingredients.

This traditional and royal potato curry is a great combination with rice/roti.I have made this curry using simple ingredients without crashing it with so many spices or flavor. Fresh cream has been added for a creamy and exotic taste.

Shahi aloo dum


8 to 9 medium boiled potatoes

3 to 4 very small chopped onions

2 medium tomatoes

1 inch ginger

8 to 10 garlic

2 green chilli

1 and 1/2 teaspoon red chilli powder

1/3 teaspoon turmeric powder

3 tablesooon fresh cream

4 tablespoon oil

1 teaspoon mustard seeds

Some chopped parsley leaves


Chop the boild potatoes into big pieces.Make a puree of tomatoes,ginger,garlic and green chilli.


Start by putting a pan on the gas.let it be dry completely and add oil.let it be hot and then add the mustard seeds into it.As soon as it pops, put the chopped onions and chopped parsley leaves.Cook in low to medium flame until it turns soft golden.

Roasting onions and parsley leaves

As you can see the onions have turned light golden.Now add the tomato puree into it.Put chilli powder and turmeric powder.Mix well.Keep on stirring until the spices gets cooked up well.The sign to check if the spices are well cooked is,the oil will start floating on top.

Spices to make shahi aloo dum

As you can see the water content of tomatoes has been dried up. The spices are well cooked.Now mash 2 pieces of potatoes into the spices and add 2 cups of water.By mashing just 2 pieces of potatoes gives the gravy a thick texture.Mix well and then add salt.Put the potatoes and fresh cream.

Shahi aloo dum

Mix well using a spatula and close the lid to cook the dish for few more minutes.The texture should be semi thick in the end.

Shahi aloo dum

And this delicious shahi also dum is ready.Serve with rice or roti.This is just too delicious.Do try and make sure to share with your friends and family.

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