Asparagus bean stir fry/bean salad/snake beans0 (0)

Asparagus bean stir fry/bean salad/snake beans
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Asparagus bean which is also known as yardlong beans,pea bean,snake bean is a healthy nutritional vegetable .This bean is a good source of protein and antioxidants .It is naturally a bit sweet and therefore it is also preferred in salads.Todays recipe is a quick dose of heath and taste. Asparagus bean stir fry is a…

Cauliflower health benefits and recipes0 (0)

Cauliflower health benefits and recipes
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Brassica oleracea or cauli flower is a common vegetable and is cultivated widely during winter.This tight headed vegetable resembles to broccoli and is a member of the cruciferous vegetable family.Other vegetables in this family includes cabbage, broccoli,collard greens and other.This winter vegetable is used to make several dishes.Typically the head and the leaves are used…

Carrot rice recipe/Rice recipe0 (0)

Carrot rice recipe/Rice recipe
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Carrot rice is a delicious twist to the regular plain rice.It is a flavorful and simple rice recipe made using cooked rice, grated carrots and other flavorful ingredients.When it comes to food, there is no end to varieties and recipes.Specially rice in India is cooked in so many ways, such as fried rice,pulao,spinach rice,carrot rice…

How to make malai aloo/creamy potato recipe0 (0)

How to make malai aloo/creamy potato recipe
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Malai aloo is a delicious Indian savory and a great way to enhance the taste of your meal.This recipe is an exotic combination of malai/cream and aloo/potato.In this recipe peeled and chopped potatoes has been deep fried and thereby seasoned with spices and cream. Apart from all the potato recipe, this recipe has its own…

How to make Poha mixture /snacks recipe4 (1)

How to make Poha mixture /snacks recipe
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Hello world! Welcome back to the delicious Indian food and recipes.Today i have brought a snack recipe made using poha/flattened rice with some added spices.Poha mixture is a popular Indian salted snack which is often deep fried but to avoid deep frying the poha I have roasted it in lesser oil.…

What is paleo diet?
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In short Paleo diet is the foods consumed during Paleolithic period.It is also called as the caveman diet or the stone age diet.Paleo diet consists of all the fresh fruits,veggies,muts,meat excluding dairy products,grains,sugar, legumes and all the processed foods like oils,salt alcohol and coffee.The main reason behind excluding dairy products from paleo diet was,milking didn’t…

How to make masala papad/masala papad recipe0 (0)

How to make masala papad/masala papad recipe
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Masala papad is a crispy Indian wafer seasoned with salad and spices.It is one of the most liked starter in Indian homes.Over the period of time this thin sheet of crisp called papad has become so popular which has been fondly used since traditional times . Papad has multipurpose use in food.Even though it is…

How to make meetha cheela/Indian sweet pancake0 (0)

How to make meetha cheela/Indian sweet pancake
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Searching for a delicious and healthy pancake recipe?Here is one of the quickest and tasty one.Pancakes are everyones favorite and it comes in so many varieties.Meetha cheela is a simple and authentic Indian sweet pancake made using wheat flour,jaggery and grated coconuts.It is one of the most traditional and popular pancakes that can be made…

How to roast eggplant/Roasted eggplant recipe0 (0)

How to roast eggplant/Roasted eggplant recipe
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How to roast eggplant?There are so many ways eggplant cen be roasted.But the recipe i have brought today is a but different and a must try.Are you searching for an eggplant quick and delicious recipe.Then this is the right place.Today I have brought a delicious and quick Roasted eggplant which is an authentic savory and…

Roasted mix vegetable/Indian food and recipes0 (0)

Roasted mix vegetable/Indian food and recipes
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Roasted mix vegetable is a delicious Indian delight and a regular good in Indian homes.As the name says, this dish is a mixture of vegetables seasoned with few Indian spices.Roasted in mustard oil, it is an authentic veg delight on your plate. This easy to make mix vegetable needs no specific vegetables.It is a great…

How to make lemon rice/Rice recipe/Indian food0 (0)

How to make lemon rice/Rice recipe/Indian food
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Lemon rice is an authentic Indian delight and a quick 10 minutes recipe.Improvise your cooking game with his delicious lemon rice.Recipes using rice are unlimited but some of them are really delicious.This recipe is made using cooked rice with some other ingredients like chopped potatoes, peanuts,curry leaves,lemon juice and red chilli. This is an incredible…

Considering highly nutritious vegetables/Nutrition/health0 (0)

Considering highly nutritious vegetables/Nutrition/health
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Considering highly nutritious vegetables is important for overall human health and nutrition.This article covers an insight to the importance of vegetables as well as checking on some healthy ones.A little bit of research and consciousness can make a huge difference to what you are consuming and its impact.This post analyzes the importance of picking the…

History of Indian desserts0 (0)

History of Indian desserts
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The origin and history of indian desserts has been traced to at least 500 BCE when, records suggest, both raw sugar and refined sugar were being produced. By the Gupta dynasty era (300–500 CE), sugar was being made not only from sugar cane, but also from palm.0Sugar-based foods were also used in temple offerings as pradhad/bhoga for…

Dal bhaji recipe/How to make dal bhaji/Indian recipe0 (0)

Dal bhaji recipe/How to make dal bhaji/Indian recipe
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Dal bhaji is a very flavorful and tasty Indian dal/lentil recipe.As the name says,it is a very delicious combination of daal which is lentil and bhaji is a fried vegetable dish. This dal bhaji is cooked the same way, bhaji in paav is cooked with a twist of lentils in it.The flavors and the taste…

How to make uttapam/uttapam recipe0 (0)

How to make uttapam/uttapam recipe
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Uttapam is a very famous South Indian dish made using rice batter and the good thing about uttapam is, it is easy to make, healthy and so amazing in taste.It is a type of thick dosa with some toppings. The utthapam recipe i have brought today is a bit different because I…

Vegetable masala curry recipe/Indian curry5 (1)

Vegetable masala curry recipe/Indian curry
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Vegetable Masala is a classic Indian curry each and every home swear by.It is a combination of vegetables and spices.It is most favorable for lunch or dinner.Eveeyone uses different seasonal vegetables o make vegetable masala curry.I have added some solid ones gives it the most delicious taste including some leafy greens like spinach. Do use…

How to make aloo chops/potato cutlet recipe/Indian snack0 (0)

How to make aloo chops/potato cutlet recipe/Indian snack
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Step by step direction to make aloo chops at home with pictures.Aloo chop is an Indian deep fried snack originated from Indian subcontinent.It is similar to batata vada and aloo bonda.Aloo chops are a perfect evening snack that can be combined with any of your favorite sweet and sour chutney. The literal meaning of aloo…

How to make moringa curry/potato moringa curry recipe0 (0)

How to make moringa curry/potato moringa curry recipe
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Hello world!! If you are searching for some delicious and traditional curry recipe, then here is the key.Moringa Curry is a very authentic and traditional curry.The trick to make this delicious curry is simple enough.The key ingredients used are easily available and the taste is super delicious. About Moringa/Drumstick Moringa is…

How to make Achari aloo /Achari aloo recipe0 (0)

How to make Achari aloo /Achari aloo recipe
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Hello world!!🙏 Welcome to my veg kitchen.The season of mango is here and so many food and recipes are in mind but what we wait for is pickles..When it comes to pickle, its a real bonus to food..The recipe I have brought today is pickled potato which is called as achari aloo..I would say the…